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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Kara Kulambu|Kathirikai Puli Kulambu

   Kara Kulambu-This is a tamarind based gravy with coconut.Kara kulambu is the best alternate to poondu puli kulambu,Brinjal kulambu,paruppu urundai kulambu for rice.
   Kulambu is basically a south India accompaniment for rice and has so many variations like any other..This kathirikai Kara kulambu /puli kulambu is similar to enna kathirikai kulambu but the brinjalis not stuffed here..
    Even though i had many many post in draft this kulambu we licked latest (its that delicious) its so delicious i couldn't resist myself sharing with you all.
     This recipe is shared by my friends friend native of andhra.So i can say this kara kulambu is smiliar to vangaya pulusu/"vangayam" in telugu means brinjal ."pulusu" means tamarind.So i call it vengaya pulusu with coconut .
    For gravy thickening you can use any one of cashews,poppy seeds,coconut,bengal gram(kadala paruppu),roasted gram(pottu kadalai) .I used coconut ,poppy seeds and badam.Add more brinjals if you are fond of it.This time there is no step by step pics .Will update as soon as i do it next time.

kara kulambu

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Masala Pav Recipe|Mumbai Street Food

      Even though i did many guest post to my blogger friends ,this is the first time somebody is doing guest post in mykitchenodyssey..Something new and exciting right ?Because mykitchenodyssey is getting recipes other than admin (me priya).
    With the same excitement we can welcome our guest sooriya, who blogs at Delectable flavors. What a coincidence, we both share a common hometown (Karaikudi).Yes she got many chettinad recipes too really many non-veg recipes.. .I love all of them ..So if you are non-veg lover you sure can try some from her site.
    I  asked her for some non-veg recipe but ...She lost the final picture of the one she decided on ,so  no non-veg this time.Its been a long time since we committed to do guest she shared this amazing masala pav instead.Now in her own words.

 Big hi to all the amazing readers of My Kitchen Odyssey!!!

I am Ree/ Sooriya Kasirajh from Delectable Flavours. I was so happy when priya requested me for a guest post, being an amateur blogger, such requests are a big happiness. So, I take the opportunity to thank priya for the guest post!!!

About My Kitchen Odyssey and Priya, its an amazing blog where you can find authentic recipes which are well explained with pictures and easy to follow even for a beginner. Priya is a very friendly person to interact with and I am very happy to have known her. Chit chatting over the past few days, I came to know she is very adjusting and helpful :)

Masala pav

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Chocolate Banana Smoothie|Breakfast Smoothie

What is a smoothie?What is a milkshake ?What is the difference between smoothie and a milkshake?

  •     Smoothie is a drink made  without ice cream or even without milk.Basically thick kind .
  •     Milkshake is a drink made with milk ,ice cream or both.Milkshakes can be thin with or without fruit.
    I really had a hard time planning the title of this post.But finally i decided to go with smoothie.
     This smoothie i did for cooking secretly challenge started by priya suresh sis .This month my pair is sailaja reddy .She gave two wonderful ingredients ,Cocoa and banana..After hearing the ingredients i decided to do this smoothie ..Because drinks are rare happenings in mykitchenodyssey right ?
    I won't click and post smoothies and drinks which my daughter always demands.The ones i posted are strawnerry milkshake when strawberry is in season, lemon sharbath during summers,peach lassi when i buy peach.
   This is a skinny version ,you can very well add full fat milk and a very large banana and add more cocoa powder to make it more sweeter and thick smoothie.I personally don't like much sweet, so used less cocoa powder and no honey.Adding of peanut butter is optional.But it gives a nice touch to the smoothie.
     This is very filling smoothie.If you are in a hurry for a breakfast but forgot or don't have anything to cook .This smoothie is the best option.

chocolate banana smoothie

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Chocolate Pie|Tofu Chocolate Pie

            Chocolate pie -i actually came across this pie when i failed to make homemade chocolates.When i searched for chocolate recipes ,i found this heavenly chocolate pie recipe. This caught my attention ,because its very easy and very appealing. As usual i substituted with ingredients at hand and made a wonderful dessert.

   Pie is a baked Dish made of a pastry dough casing that covers or completely contains a filling of various sweet and savoury ingredients.This pie don't have a pastry, instead uses crackers as the base and indian cheese,chocolate and tofu puree as the filling.

*****This is not vegan or vegeterain pie it has eggs and indian cheese.

     This chocolate pie is mild sweet without any cream topping.When you eat it after a meal ,its just all you want.If you feel its less sweet you can melt some chocolate and top it.I did this later to please my daughter.  

For substitution :

  • I used Marie biscuit for base ,you can use graham crackers or orea instead.
  • I used yogurt .you can use cream cheese in  the original recipe as well .
  • Use silken tofu.I used firm tofu so the pie has little texture problems.                     

    Chocolate pie


Friday, 12 December 2014

Almond Cookies|Easy Cookie Recipe

        Almond cookie- Easy cookie recipe which is light sugary ,nutty,cardamom flavoured with no baking powder/ baking soda or no egg.You can pack and gift your friends and loved ones this cookie ,they get surprised if you say them i baked these almond cookies.If you want to bake a cookie from scratch without any ready made ingredients then this cookie is just for you.See the below points for any substitue .

  • Can use almond flour instead of whole almonds.
  • Can substitute whole wheat flour with all purpose flour.
  • Can substitute butter with oil if you want a lesser saturated fat(but don't substitute with coconut oil ,this has larger saturated fats than butter).
  • Can replace almond with other nuts like walnuts too.
If you are using a aluminium tray for baking this cookie then sure it will be ready in 10 minutes .If you use a thick pan then it will take 15 minutes for the almond cookies to be ready.

Looking for easy cookies? try

  1. Lime cookies.
  2. Peanut butter cookies.
  3. oats cookies.

actual recipe is from here (altered).                                  

Almond cookies
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