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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Krishna Jayanthi Recipes 2015 | Janmashtami Recipes

       Krishna jayanthi /janmashtami/gokulashtami (why) is celebrating the birthday of lord krishna.He is the eight son of devaki ,vasudeva born in madura and brought up by yasoda ,nandagopal in Gokulam .
sri krishna

    On this day diety lord krishna is being prayed with all the food he likes , especially butter,seedai ,murukku,thattai ,aval etc.In south Indian temples a sport called uriyadi happens on this day. A pot with buttermilk is hung and human tower is formed to reach the pot.In our nearest temple the pot is hung lower, but the person who is breaking it being blind folded to break the pot down.This is supposed to be a fun filled activity/event for kids and young adults.
    On this day in south Indian household rice paintings(kolam) decorate the house front yard and small krishna feet/foot prints are drawn from the front yard up to  pooja room.This depict the arrival of lord krishna to house's.Sweet's like vella aval and savories like seedai,murukku,vennai is being prepared ,fruits are also offered to god on this evening .Even people dress up  their kids like krishna ,radha.After pooja, sweets and fruits are distributed to kids and adults.

Here is the collection of krishna jayanthi sweet and savouries collection from mykitchenodyssey.

To prepare savories for sri krishna jayanthi ,you can prepare rice flour at home.
sri krishna jayanthi

Thenkuzhal murukku - a very simple chettinad traditional snack made with rice and urad dal flour.Perfect for celebrating gokulashtami.
sri krishna jayanthi3

Murukku - Mullu murukku prepared similar to thenkuzhal murukku with a touch of butter ,can be perfect for lord Krishna's birthday celebration.
sri krishna jayanthi3

Krishna's favorite aval/poha mixture.You can make this mixture with in 10 minutes ,just before you start off with the pooja.

sri krishna jayanthi34

Ragi murukku -usually we prepare butter murukku ,seedai for krishna.why not give a try of ragi murukku for this janmashtami?
sri krishna jayanthi5

Kara Sev a spicy snack made with besan/kadala maavu can be a spicy treat for cute little darling on his birthday.
sri krishna jayanthi6

My mom prepares this dal murukku for Diwali .I am thinking of making this mullu dal murukku for this krishna jayathi.

sri krishna jayanthi7

Even ladoo's are perfect to celebrate this festival.Kids usually love sweets ,to make them eat healthy prepare this sathu maavu ladoo/health mix ladoo.

sri krishna jayanthi8

Seedai is a perfect treat for the lord.He likes it and loves it to the core.

sri krishna jayanthi9

My mom prepares this moong dal ladoo/maavu urundai with more ghee for the cute little darling.
sri krishna jayanthi10

To save time ,you can prepare the savouries 1 or 2 days before.Make sweets on the day of gokulashtami.Even if you are not able to make anything pray god with butter and sweet aval as neivedhyam.

 Sweet aval is very simple to prepare.Soak poha after cleaning and draining the water for 2-3 times.After 5-10 minutes when the poha has absorbed all the water,add some milk, sugar/jaggery,grated coconut.Mix well and serve.

Pray lord for the well being of this world(because we have only one planet earth) and your family on this auspicious day by preparing the traditional sweets and snacks.Serve your family your love and affection along with the homemade goodies.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Fruit Salad With Watemelon and BlueBerry | Easy Fruit Salad | Watermelon Recipes

  Fruit salad is a very quick and healthiest meal/snack anyone would ever have.Have i told you i have never seen this much variety of fruits before coming to US .Wanted to try so many different recipes, tried quite a few fruits like pineapple,strawberry,mango,banana,peach (lassi),cantaloupe (juice) .This fruit salad happened just the previous week ,when i bought a whole watermelon.
watermelon mint salad

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Vazhakkai Kola Urundai | Raw Banana Kofta | Kids Snack Ideas

Vazhakkai Kola Urundai-  a crunchy snack/side made with raw banana.Kola urundai is nothing but South Indian kofta's.Kola urundai usually is made with minced meat in chettinad.For vegetarians valaipoo ,beetroot version of kofta's are also available.In vegetarian version toor dal add the required protein.
vazhakkai kola urundai

Monday, August 17, 2015

Soya Kuzhambu | Chettinad Getti Kuzhambu - Masala Kulambu

Soya Kuzhambu - a tasty south Indian style thick gravy prepared for rice.Even variety exists like Poondu kuzhambu(garlic gravy),Summa kuzhambu(no vegetables),poricha kuzhambu( prepared with coconut and no tamarind) ,Moru kulambu(made with buttermilk and ground coconut paste).
soya kuzhambu1

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Rava Upma Recipe | South Indian Breakfast Recipes

        Rava Upma - the quickest breakfast made with rava/sooji/semolina.In South India, upma/uppuma  is THE tastiest,instant breakfast/snack.When there is no idli dosa batter, upma comes in handy.Everything can be done in under 20 minutes from roasting to cooking, there is no cutting of vegetables needed, making it best for bachelors or spinsters.
rava upma recipe

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