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Friday, April 17, 2015

Cantaloupe Juice | Fresh Juice Recipe | Summer Recipes

  Cantaloupe /Muskmelon/rock melon one of the nutritious melon to have.Making a cantaloupe juice in this summer sunny afternoon makes you very refreshing.This juice can be a filling breakfast juice with one or two slices of bread.Add few ice cubes or cool this ,to enjoy it more.
Cantaloupe juice

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Disney vacation tips | Planning and money saving

     Disney vacation is a magical vacation, it brings smile in ever body's face from kids to adults for sure.
    This past week being spring break, we planned our short vacation (we started planning well in advance). Planning a Disney vacation is one of the biggest head aches (I think this is true for everyone not just me). After our vacation, I thought  I would post some tips for your benefit. Guess this post will ease your planning and give few points for saving your time and money.

Disney vacation tips
Photo courtesy:the Walt Disney company
  1. How many days you are going to stay in Disney
                The more days you stay, the park entrance tickets will get cheaper. For example if you plan to stay in Disney for 4 days ,you get 1 free day at the park.  Isn't this lovely? But you need to have lots and lots of energy to be there for 5 days (trust me you sure will agree with me after your trip).

     2.  How do plan to get there

      By air ? By Road ? (decide based on how comfortable you are ,in terms of time and money)
  1. For us air travel took time ,but less time compared to driving. I am talking about wait time between flights,back and forth taxi from airport etc.
  2. Travelling by air is more expensive compared to driving. When you drive you can book a affordable and comfortable hotel.
  3. If you are travelling by air , but thinking of staying outside Disney resorts then better rent a taxi in Orlando. This will make your trip more convenient.You can stay in an affordable hotel ,eat where ever you want (not using the Disney meal plan) ,even drive to Disney parks without depending on hotel shuttles
  4. Renting agency will be right at your airport .this will save renting a. taxi to your hotel from airport .Remember some hotels provide free pickup from airports but  some do this with a cost.Better check the hotels or see the fine prints before booking .
  5. When you rent a car ,you have to look for parking in the hotel you stay.Some hotels offers free parking.While in some ,you have to pay for parking.
  6. The hotels give free shuttle service to Epcot(one of Disney parks).From there, you get a Disney bus to go the respective parks.But this may take up to 45 minutes one way.Also shuttle service time is limited ,they provide only 2 times drop and 2 times pick up at specific time.
3.Where you are going to stay

If you stay at a Disney resort you get:
  1. Extra magic hours.Magic hours mean extra time to stay in the park(if you exhaust too quick at the morning ,you may want to choose a Disney resorts.By choosing Disney resort you can take a nap and come back in the evening and enjoy rides,parades in extra magic hours).
  2. I saw lots of crowd in evenings too.Better go in less crowded time of the year.
  3. You can make fast pass reservation up to 60 day in advance.Fast pass helps you book the exact time of your ride to avoid long waiting lines.
  4. Disney provide free shuttle to Disney attractions/parks.
  5. But everything comes at a price.You have to pay a bulk amount to enjoy all the facilities.If you don't want to plan but want to have maximum fun choose a Disney resort and get a meal plan too (I am not sure if the meal plan serves you best. Also If you stay in disney resort taking meal plan is the only option).
If you choose a hotel outside Disney you need to figure out the following.
  1. Where your going to eat? Choose a hotel that gives a free breakfast. Each disney park has different restaurants and you can choose from them.
  2. Look for free shuttle to Disney.Most hotels in Orlando provide free shuttles to Disney at specific time.These things you have to look when you are not renting a car.
  3. If you have a car(rental or your own) and take it to park,you have to pay 17 dollars for parking.Car parking is available in each park (Epcot,magic kingdom,animal kingdom,Hollywood studios).
4.Use fast pass:
additional info on undercover tourist
  1. Fast pass is a service helps you avoid long wait lines.You can choose the time you are going to go on the ride.
  2. You can choose only 3 fast passes per day (for only one park).If you are having park hopper you can choose only fast pass for one park.Choose fast pass for the first park so you better finish the fast pass then you can choose fast pass for the second park later on that day.Remember you can't get the fast pass for your favorite ride on second park.Better choose your favorite park and favorite ride first ,then go to least favorite park if you are having park hopper.
  3. Additional pass can be obtained in kiosk(on the park )after you use or your Fp has expired.Look for FP + sign to look for kiosk.
  4. If you have preschoolers, you might be interested in characters(magic kingdom) so get the fast pass for their favorite Disney characters(biggest lines are for mickey,daisy,frozen ,Elsa etc..These fast passes will get booked early than 30 days.You have to have your tickets ready for getting the fast pass).
Choosing the attractions for fast pass:
go to

  • If you have toddlers or kids below 5 years,choose a ride on fast pass according to height restriction.
photo courtesy:the Walt disney company

6.Getting the tickets:
  1. You have to get it on disney website.
  2. Authorized dealers are undercover tourist(this may be 1 dollar less than disney ticket price for a day).Undercover tourist gives free delivery too but it takes up to 25 days to reach you.
Some more tips :
  • Choose which park on which day and what attractions you are going to see, to avoid a very long exhausting walk.for example if you don't have kids ,you may not want to visit magic kingdom.
  • Carry enough water and snacks if you have kids.
  • You can bring strollers to disney.If you forget ,better rent one before entering the park.
Guess this will be of help at least to a few of you.Have a great day guys.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Little Millet - Saamai Payasam | Paal Payasam

     Saamai Payasam a tasty,healthy payasam liked and relished by kids and adults.Saamai payasam can be made in no time with the available ingredients.If you want to know the benefits of Millet's refer my millet post.
saamai payasam

Monday, April 13, 2015

Ginger Chutney | Allam Pachadi

      Ginger a spicy root that holds lot of medicinal benefits.Ginger is used in Asian cuisines in a variety of ways. Ginger aids digestion and cures nasal congestion,its been used in medicines for its health benefits.
ginger chutney2

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Lunch Menu | Tamil New year Special | South Indian Lunch

      Being a Tamilian and a blogger,i want to celebrate this Tamil new year with a special lunch.Tamil new year falls on April month 14 or 15 th every year.First month of Tamil is "chithirai" where the sun is at its peak(Now sun shows his face even before chithirai oh no!!!).
lunch menu

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