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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Steamed Veg momos/Mushroom dumplings

Veg Momos are authentic starters of tibet and nepal .There are many variations to shape and fillings of momos from mushrooms,veggies,meat .Because i am a vegeterian i tried a veg version of momos .Making of shape is  little bit tough for first few momos ,after that you get used to it.Its like saree folding .
I googled and mixed many versions and here is the final version of mine .I loved a very detailed recipe of how to make the dough and shapes present here.Knead the dough well and put enough oil while streaming,roll them thin (between transparent and thick ) and serve them hot ,that way you can enjoy the streamed momos .You can Deep fry them or shallow fry them if you like to eat a fried version of it (i havent tried them yet).
We ate it after clicking the pic so it was little hard .so enjoy them hot hot ...

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Mushroom fried rice

Preparation time:10 min+15 min rest time
Cooking time:25 min(includes streaming time)
Serves:2-3(around 12 momos)

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Cheerios bhel/Easy chat recipe/Party Idea

             I got a whole packet of cheerios lying in pantry untouched .Sometimes my daughter have it for her breakfast along with milk .Me and my husband never have serials for breakfast .I saw this idea from Manjula who is  a good friend of mine and fantastic blogger .My husband was asking for more of this eventhough he came late that day .Thanks manju for this fantastic idea
          I made a whole lot of bhujia and used some of them for this chat .For sweet chutney i made  dates chutney along with mint chutney to spread in the chat .My kid loved it to the core .You can prepare this for parties ,i mean keep everything seperately and people will mix whatever they want in the proportion they want.You can add some  chocolate pieces,some fruits like pineapple ,pomagranate to make the chat more colorful and people who like fruits will add more fruits to their chat .Fantastic idea right ?Ok now we see how i made it .

How to make bhujia 

Some less work snack recipes

Preparation time:1/2 hour (8 hours soakiing the channa)
assembly time:5-10 min

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Oma podi/Bhujia/Diwali snack

                   This is very favourite of mine right from my childhood .Its a long story but i want to mention it so that my kid will know it  in future how i loved it .When i was aroud 4-5 years my father worked in nearyby town and i studied there .My grandpa used to get it for me every evening and i love it everyday .I guess he likes it very much and feed his grandchild the same snack he likes .He is no more now  .I love him a lot he is such a kind and loveable grandpa anyone will ever get .He loves me more too.This is my attchement to this recipe .My mothers mother used to do this snack when i was going college .I love it as usual.
                 I got a whole lot of gramflour lying in my pantry .I was thinking of doing it for such a long time ,this is the right time then .This is very easy peasy recipe even beginners can do it without any difficulty .
Rice flour is not for crispiness its to ease the sqeezing process .In tamil ajwain means omam thats why it got the name "oma podi" but without ajwain also it tasted so good .
                 This sev is you can simply munch them as a snack  or add it as a sidedish for your rice ,add them in chat items or mix them in ur mixture preparation .

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Butter chakli
Ola pakoda
Thenkulazh murukku(with store bought rice flour)

Preparation time:10 min
Cooking time :40 min
Yields:1 - 1 1/2 kg (not sure about the weight measurement )

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Chapathi noodles/Kids Snack Ideas/Leftover recipes

This is my very favourite item using the leftovers.I saw a TV show long time back and tried this recipe 2-3 times .My husband is not a fan of this dish,so i do it when he is not around .Very easy to put together when you have some left over chapathis in hand .Your kids will be pleased after you make them this noodles. Over all its a healthy colorful snack which vanishes in no time .
You can add  available veggies carrot,corn ,bell pepper ,cabbage ,peas ,broccoli  etc .You can add some tomato ketchup also if your kids like them .

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Chili Vegetable kothu parotta
Brushchetta with Rusk
Ragi -oats dosa
Broken wheat upma
Paal kolukattai 
Grilled potato patty(in tava)

Preparation time:10 min
cooking time:10 min

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Special lunch/Puthandu special/Simple Southindian thali

"Puthandu" is a tamil word for new year .Its very special to everybody in tamilnadu and for tamilians who live in all parts of world .In new year we visit temple and wear new clothes and wish our neighbours and friends a very good year ahead.First month of new year is "chitirai".This is the starting of festival season and holiday season too .So enjoy this holiday and new year and wish everybody the same .
Another speciality is we share the new year with our neighbour state kerela which is  called gods own country.Full of greenaries and abundance of coconut trees makes this state get its name i guess.While i was working i stayed really close to one iyyapan temple where they celebrate vishu and onam in a grand manner .I love their saree,food ,santhanam a lot .

This lunch we did it for our sunday brunch and enjoyed a lot .Have a  food  feast on this new year .I will do seperate post on potato masala afterwards .

Valaikai podimas :

Cooking time:25 min


  • 2 banana
  • 2 green chilies
  • salt as per taste
To temper:

  • 2 tsp oil
  • 1 tsp mustard seeds
  • 1/2 tsp urad dal


  • Wash and cut each of the banana in to two .

  • Boil the bananas by immersing in  water with 1/2 tsp salt until it becomes tender(takes about 10 minutes).
  • Peel the skin of the banana and cut them.

  • Temper the oil with urad dal ,mustard seeds,green chilies and curry leaves.
  • Wait for the mustard seeds to splutter.

  • Add the chopped bananas and little salt water(already we added salt so little less salt do good) 

  • Cover it with lid and let it cook for 10 minutes .
  • Serve it with sambhar rice,rasam rice.


  • You can add some grated coconut at the end (i didnt add it)
  • You can peel the skin of the banana if its cooked thoroughly .
  • If you cannot peel the skin then you have to cook them again.
  • You have to cook the sliced bananas second time as i mentioned otherwise  it will be very dry .
  • You can grate the bananas instead of cutting them in that case just finish off with some water added, no need to cook for 10 more minutes again .

Lemon rasam:

Cooking time:15+15 min

Ingredients :

  • 3 -4 tbsp toor dal/tuvaram paruppu (pressure cooked)
  • rasam powder (1 1/2 tsp)
  • 1 small tomato
  • 1 garlic
  • 1 red chili
  • turmeric
  • salt as per taste
  • 1 tsp oil for tempering
  • 1 /2 lemon (around 1 tbsp)
To temper:
  • pinch of hing
  • curry leaves few 
  • 1/2 tsp mustard seeds/kadugu
  • 1/2 tsp cumin seeds/jeera/jeeragam

To garnish:
  • Few corinader leaves/kothamalli

  • Pressure cook the toor dal with turmeric ,garlic until mushy along with sliced tomatoes 
  • Add rasam powder and required salt .
  • Heat the tava and temper it with mustard and cumin seeds.
  • Add curry leaves and hing.
  • Add the rasam water mix to it .
  • Cook it in low flame until it boils (takes around 10 minutes)
  • Garnish it with coriander leaves.
  • Keep it covered until you serve .

  • For instant rasam powder: dry roast 1 red chili ,1/2 tsp black pepper.1/2 tsp corainder seeds,1/2 tsp cumin seeds and grind it .
  • You can omit the toor dal if you are in a hurry but adjust the heat and sourness accordingly .
  • Rasam always needs  a little kick of salt but this lemon rasam requires less salt compared to other rasams according to me .
  • You can skip curry leaves and coriander leaves if you dont have it .But adding them will give a wonderful aroma and nice flavour to the rasam.

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