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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Kai Murukku Recipe | Suthu Murukku Recipe | Diwali Recipes

         Murukku  is a well known snack of South India also chakli in North India.The crispy texture makes it favorite among kids and adults.There are so many variations of murukku With shape /achu can be  thin and flat,can be 5 groups ,can be single etc.  With main ingredients like ragi,rice flour,maida also With  flavor like sesame seeds, jeera, ajwain or can be spicy  and so on...
kai murukku2

        Important thing to note while making ,  is to add some fat  like oil,butter,ghee to make them crunchy.Next point to note is salt,It has to appropriate ...For most of the recipe i add 1 tsp for every cup of flour ,but this can fail for some flour like maida which take less water and  salt .
      When talking about murukku,my most favorite is always thenkuzhal. and ribbon pakoda (a spicy chakli with a flat shape).Mom's makes like a tin of them and distribute to neighbours on the day of Diwali.My grand ma makes onion flavor ones..(I still got its taste in my mouth).They are yet another tasty variety.I am yet to grab the recipe from her .Thinking of trying my hands on them too this Diwali.
kai murukku1

         I always wanted to try this Kai murukku(literally chakli made with hands) for long, not because i know it very well.I have a fair idea of  how to twist, other than that no idea.Before starting , i thought it as a easy job.But it was really difficult with the store bough rice flour. Then i realised how grainy it must be( i am not even grinding by soaking the rice, at least i should have prepared the rice flour myself) ...But i could manage to do it after 1 long hour(just becaues i have only less quantity of dough).
kai murukku3

      If you want to go healthy try ragi a healthy tasty treat.Lets see how i made rice flour chakli with butter on hands.

Step by Step picture recipe for making suthu /kai murukku:
  • Roast and grind urad dal to powder and sieve it.Prepare rice flour at home.
  • Add rice flour to a large bowl deep enough to mix.
  • Add urad dal flour ,soft butter,salt and jeera to the bowl as well.
kai murukku4

  • Add water and knead it to form a soft dough.You can add water later ,if you are not able to make shapes.
kai murukku5

  • Start making shapes using your three fingers(except ring and pinky finger) .Press with your thumb gently inbetween.Is the shape fine ? 
kai murukku6

  • It took an hour for me to finish 1 cup flour ..After all i am still learning.. :P 
  • After they are all dried up(by the time when you  finish off ,the ones you made first must  be dried) .
kai murukku7

  • Heat oil and deep fry until golden brown.Take it out and drain excess oil and store in air tight container .
For those who don't know how to do shape refer this video..Video by gayathri kumar ..

                                                           Kai Murukku Recipe

kai murukku                               How to make suthu murukku  

 Cuisine: Indian   Category: Snack Prep time:1 Hour(for beginners)  Cook time:15-20 minutes  Total Time:1 hour 20 minutes

  • 1 cup rice flour/arisi maavu.
  • 1 tsp roasted and powdered urad dal flour/ulunthu maavu.
  • 1/2 tsp jeera/cumin.
  • 1 1/2 tbsp butter/vennai.
  • 3/4 tsp salt.
  • water for kneading.
  • Prepare rice flour by soaking raw rice .
  • Roast and grind urad dal to powder. Sieve it.
  • Add rice flour to a bowl large enough.
  • Add urad dal flour ,soft butter,salt and jeera as well to rice flour.
  • Add water and knead it to form a soft dough.You can add water later if you are not able to make shapes.
  • Start making shape/ twist  using three of your fingers(except pinky and ring).Press gently using your thumb.
  • After they are all dried up(by the time when you  finish off ,the ones you made first must  be dry).
  • Heat oil.Deep fry them in medium flame until golden brown.
  • Strain excess oil in paper towel and store in an airtight container.
  • Kai murukku is ready to Enjoy ..

  • If you use store bought rice flour.Make sure you sieve with fine sieve.
  • While you start it will be difficult after sometime you get familiarize with the making.
  • When the dough keeps getting cut the problem may be because of less water content or may be the faulty flour.
  • If you are grinding the boiled rice and making kai murukku drain the excess water by keepig i white muslin cloth ,after making shapes let it dry up for sometime.


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