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Monday, October 12, 2015

Navrathri 2015 | Navarathri Recipes

     Navrathri is worship of  durga matha for 9 days.Navrathri is considered to be best time to worship matha.During these days people observe fasting or don't eat onion or garlic.In South India golu is arranged in temple and in Brahmin's houses.Golu is the arrangement /decoration of dolls on steps and is worshipped.
    Kids and adults love watching and they are complimented with  sundal or any variety  rice ,prasad for god .Even sumangali pooja is observed in house.Married women is being invited for kumkum and are presented with different things like blouse bits,turmeric,coconut,fruits which are considered to be auspicious.After the pooja they are served with snacks or lunch.So pray matha and get the blessings of her.
   Here are the list of recipes you can prepare for upcoming navrathri festival.This is a new list for 2015 ,for more check 2014 collection at the bottom link.

Starting off with sweet varieties :

     Carrot halwa:a very tasty and simple sweet made with the ingredients available at home.You can finish it off in less than one hour .
carrot halwa

    Ukkarai:A traditional chettinad sweet made with sooji,moongdal and coconut as the main ingredients.Entirely different and very tasty prasadam you can make in less than half an hour.


 Gulab Jamun:Even though  people make gulab jamuns with sweet potato ,ghoya i love this simple ready mix jamun a lot better.

gulab jamun

 Boondi Ladoo:Who doesn't love boondi ladoo ? a traditional Indian dessert made with besan.If you want to serve a crowd or want to store off ,you can prepare this ladoo.
besan ladoo

Kavuni Arisi/Black Rice pudding:A very simple and tasty black rice pudding,can make a tasty neivedhyam.
kavuni arisi

Sweet pongal/Sakkarai Pongal:Sakkarai pongal is another traditional Indian sweet made with rice,jaggery and coconut.
sakkara pongal

Bread Halwa:If you are bored of regular varieties why don't you try this halwa? Even you can save some bread while doing so.
bread halwa

Poli/Obbattu/Thengai poli:Simple and elegant is all i can say.With a soft outer skin and sweeter stuffing obbattu can stand out in the crowd.
poli recipe

Unniyappam:A crispy pan fried appam with banana.

Saamai Payasam:If you want to go healthy prepare this saamai paal payasam.Healthy neivedhyam ready in minutes.
saamai payasam

Sathu maavu urundai:Health mix ladoo are way to attract the kids and adults.
sathu maavu urundai

 Besan Ladoo in microwave:If you are in short of time and want to prepare something very quick make this besan ladoo.
besan ladoo

Kashi Halwa/Ash gourd Halwa:A totally delicious halwa prepared with poosanikai.Another traditional dessert.
ash gourd halwa

Rice varieties:

Tamarind Rice:puliyotharai a super simple rice that can be prepared for a crowd.

Chana Pulao/Chana Rice:A totally delicious ,protein rich pulao with whole chana and ground masala paste with coconut.An entirely different rice with no onion or garlic.
chana pulao

Curd Rice:Yummy curd rice ......
thayir sadam

Sundal Varieties:

Mochai Sundal:Karnataka style sundal made with mochai coconut,onions.Skip the onions if you are fasting.
mochai sundal

Peanut sundal:A protein rich sundal with fresh peanuts and bisibela bath masala powder.Just yummy is all i can say.
peanut sundal

 2014 navarathri recipe collection


  1. lovely collection of navarathiri recipes

  2. Very nice collection of recipes love it.

  3. So many varieties of recipes... the black rice pudding looks terrific :)


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