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Friday, June 13, 2014

Favourite recipes -Event roundup

            Events are a great way to mingle with people ,not only in real world but in this blog world too.To show case bloggers talents and to socialise with bloggers events are a great way.
          Why all this giggle ?Previous month i hosted two events Favourite recipes event and Cws event .Both events are successful.I got so many wonderful recipes in each of them.Particularly i liked  all of the entries (don't laugh).
I am listing them by total number of entries .

Sangeetha of snowwhitesona gave 6 simple,yummy  entries

Linsy of realhomecooked food  gave 6 innovative  entries

Mayuri Patel of mayuri's jikoni gave 5 wonderful entries

Preetha soumyan of bowl of curry gave 3 delicious entries

Vohn of  vohnsvittles linked a wonderful pear cake

Choclette of chocologblog linked her wonderful rasberry chocolate muffins

Last but no the least swathi linked her lemon bar 

Thanks swathi ka for letting me host your favourite recipes event .Thanks for stopping by .Meet you people in another post .

Friday, June 6, 2014

Cooking with Seeds-Event Roundup

I am very happy that this event has been very successful .Thanks to priya akka for letting me host this event Totally i got 13 entries .There are so many rich sweets with cashews and very rich gravies .Enjoy these rich sweets,gravies made with cashews .Thanks to the wonderful participants and Below are the entries that made to this month "Cooking with seeds month of may 2014" .Sorry for the late roundup (enjoying vacation thats why).

Entries from Nupur of uk rasoi
  1. Cashew chili paneer
  2. Paneer Cashew gravy
  3. Kaju Katli
  4. Malayi Kofta

Entry from priya akka from her two blogs

  1. Dry green peas masala 
  2. Paneer in red capsicum gravy
  3. Oven roasted cashews

Entries from Yurekhas cookbook

  1. Puliyogare
  2. Kaju katli

Entries from Sandhya of mycookingjourney
  1. Navaratna Kaju kuruma

Entries from mayuri of mayurisjikoni

  1. Kaju barfi
  2. Turia in cashewnut gravy

Entries from gayathri of vysyas recipes

  1. Kaju katli
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