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Saturday, August 30, 2014

First anniversary give away

Its been a while since I started blogging ,almost a year. I have 160 plus recipes thus far. Thank you all for your support ,without you I would not have come this far. I feel a sense of pride when I post in this blog. Taking pictures has become a full time hobby and I enjoy my cooking even more.

I would like to thank  my husband who encouraged me to write a blog , my mom who is been cooking for all these years. Also my  kid she is so proud of me and she attempts to take pictures to emulate me.

Also I would like to thank my fellow blogger friends linsy, priya suresh, shruti,Menaga who gave me opportunity to share my recipes in their space. I got many book prizes, first of it is from gayathri (everyday cooking)  next one is "kids birthday cakes" from torview ,"pressure cooking" from arthy shama .These books are very valuable and I will cherish them for ever.I am happy about some packages of beans from lisa as well .

To celebrate mykitchenodyssey's one year anniversary I am hosting a give away, with certain rules
  • Event runs from "September 1 st -30 th "
  • Follow me on google friend connect .
  • Follow me on facebook/networked blogs
  • You can follow me on pinterest ,twitter (this is optional ).
  • Please include your gfc ,facebook,newtorked blogs,pinterest ,twitter name in comment form .
  • Your latest post should include the logo ,old post may or may not contain the logo .
  • You can link as many recipes you want , include this post link in every post(compulsary)
  • Non bloggers can also participate .Send mails to with the following details.  
Name :
Post name:
Email address:
I will include in the giveaway
  • Last but important rule those who have the Indian postal address only can participate in this contest.
  • I am thinking about some cook book as a giveaway and its name will be announced soon .
  • If there are more than 100 entries i may select second winner as well .
So ready for the contest ?start linking your entries ...

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Soft Poorna kolukattai/ Vinayagar chathurti recipes/Stuffed sweet Dumplings

       Vinayagar/lord Ganesha likes kolukattai's made of rice ,that's why this poorana kolukattai place a major role in prasad /neivedhyam.
        Different variations of  stuffing's can be made for this kolukattai.Major of them are coconut and Bengal gram  made with jaggery.When you are expert in making outer cover you can try variations.
        Believe me this is the softest kolukattai you ever make and you get praising from your family members for making such a mouth watering ones.

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Preparation time:30-40 min
Cooking time:15 min(5 min for a batch)
Yields:15 kolukattais

Vinayagar chathurti specials/Festive Snack and Sweets

           Vinayagar chathurthi is a special occasion/festive celebrated for lord ganesh/vinayagar .Its a 10 days festival which starts on 29th of august .Some say its lord ganesha's birthday .Its celebrated all over India .
              In south tamilnadu a very famous place where lord ganesh idol cut from the caves is called "pillayarpatti" .This vinayagar is so special because  his trunk is curved to the right (valam puri ).In "pillayarpatti" chathurti is the most important festival where thousands of people gather for 10 days to celebrate the occasion .Ratha yathra also happens on the 10 th day of the festival .People do fastings during this time .
            Have you started preparing for this festival ?Not yet ?Look at the festive recipes which you can make for lord ganesh here and get his blessings.

Modhagam Vada
Apple Halwa

Maavu urundai
Paal kolukattai
Javarisi Payasam
Poha upma
Masala kadalai
Moongdal Payasam
Aval mixture
Channa Rice
Rava kesari
Gothumai halwa
Wheat Kolukattai
Poorna Kolukattai

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Kothumai Mavu Kolukattai/Easy snack breakfast/Wheatflour Streamed Dumplings

                 This is vinayagar special kolukattai for the coming vinayagar chaturthi festival .Vinayagar likes "aval,pori-kadalai ,arisi kolukattai and appam" literally means "Poha,puffed rice with peanuts,rice streamed dumplings,Sweet deep fried Dumplings".  So try to make at least one for prasadam to please vinayagarand get his blessings.

             This is the easiest of all the kolukattai's ,i mean no stuffing ,no boiling of dumplings mix them and stream them.This kolukattai you can make it as prasad,snack or may be for your dinner or breakfast .

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 Preparation time:10 min
Cooking time:20min
Yields:8 sweet and 10 salt kolukattai

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Tomato Dosa/Instant Dosa/Easy Dosa Recipe/Breakfast recipes

            My hubby and my kid love dosa. I try to hide the  ingredients that they don't like in the dosa and the dosas will be devoured in an instant. My hubby likes specific sourness like tamarind, lemon but is not a fan of tomatoes. One time I made tomato kulambhu he didn't like it.
  I wanted to try this tomato dosa for sometime, but was little skeptical how he will respond. To my surprise he liked the dosa very much. More over  this dosa requires not much fermentation .Dosas like this are  good if you forget to get your rice dosa batter out for fermentation or you don't have enough batter left for an unexpected guest.
 In a jiffy you can prepare this for them and they would be surprised !how fast you are?  how good and different the dosa taste?

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some different  dosa you can make

This week for the saturday snapshots assignment is "chilies" so i included a picture of it in this post .

Preparation time:1 hour soaking time+1/2 hour rest time +20 min grinding time
Cooking time :25-30 minute for the whole batch
Yields:15 medium size dosas

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Vegetable pulov/Easy Onepot Meal using pressure cooker/Lunchbox ideas

           "Pulao" is made of coconut milk or ground coconut without any mint leaves .My mom makes this pulo very often when we run out time or we have lot of vegetables left in our pantry.
       .If you have some left over veggies at the end of the week you can do this and you feel your meals is so special .Even cookng time for this is very less with the use of pressure cooker .Such a easy and healthy pulao ,you don't even need any raita for it .Just scoop in the rice and your tummy asks for more .

Preparation time:15 min
Soaking time:30 min
Cooking time:20-25 min

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Wheatflour and Jaggery Halwa/Gud Aur Atta ke Halwa

Sweets are famous all over North India they are made of sugar where as in Southern India sweets are mostly made with jaggery in the form of payasam/kheer. In North India the staple food is wheat flour whereas in south India the staple food is rice and rice flour. Accordingly you can find variety of foods made with rice/rice flour in Southern India whereas Northern India has many wheat flour recipes. I have never tried this wheat flour halwa before .

This is a rich and flavourful halwa it resembles the taste of ukkara made in chettinad. I made measurements  using subzi cups used in thali plates.The amount you get is more than enough for 2 servings /2 persons.If you are dieting and still want to enjoy this halwa reduce the ghee quantity to 1/2 mentioned here .

This halwa i made for a challenge from  shh cooking secretly member shailaja .She gave two secret ingredients wheat flour and jaggery then while searching the web i found divinetaste blog and found this wonderful recipe .

Atta halwa
Cooking Time:10-12 min

Friday, August 15, 2014

Rava Kesari/Easy Sweet Recipe/Independenceday recipe

               Kesari  is the easiest sweet that can be made at home when we were kids. Other sweet needs a lot of work some sweets needs purifying the jaggery some require grating while some other require rolling or at least you have to buy something from store if you don't have much work involved in doing the sweet .But this kesari  can be made with  ingredients that is easily available home (rava and sugar )and it takes only 20-25 minutes of your time .I added colour to this kesari to please the guest (usually i don't add it ).If you are kind of person who like only natural ingredients you can very well omit the colour part and make it white colour .
           Today is our nations 68 th independence day and i want to present you a colourful kesari instead of white kesari .I usually don't buy colour's as i said earlier but this time i got few colours to use for some special occasion . I added tutti fruity as a green layer of the flag.This definitely is a party pleaser for sure and get you a good recognition.

If you are looking for more sweet recipes have a look at

Preparation time:6 minutes (for roasting the semolina)
Cooking time:15 minutes

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Tricolor Indian Salad/Easy Salad Recipe

                 I am a big fan of Olive gardens salad in which they add vinegar,Parmesan cheese,olive oil ,Croutons(hard bread or grilled bread).lettuce etc.I never got a chance or may be i never want to try salads at home .Salads are very easy to make and they got a lot of fibre that clean your tummy .If you are hungry and want a nutritious meal salads are a best way .
             This salad is very much Indian way which means i  haven't added any of the ingredients that i mentioned in start of this post .Just the vegetables at home and little lemon juice and crushed black pepper  .Doesn't it look easy ?
            Independence day is arriving so i thought why not try some tricolour salad.I am very much Indian and i love to salute my nation ,as i am a blogger i want to do the salute in the way of food .I did tricolour salad to celebrate this occasion . You can add your favourite veggies along with the mentioned veggies and enjoy (you can also add sprouts like green gram,kala Channa,black chick peas (kondakadalai)) etc to your veggies.

Preparation time:5 min

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Saturday SnapShots Series1

About the Saturday SnapShot Series:

                       Learning from each other is lots of fun .So how can i as a blogger learn ?This time not about the food ,but about how i am going to present my food .Thats how we bloggers  joined hands with swetha and sirisha .

                     Its going to be lot of fun and i am very much excited about how am i going to do each one of them .

                     Our first task is :"Take a picture of yellow fruit"  for example lemon,mango ,banana.I am slightly confused and equally excited about this task ,after all its my first assignment .
Feel free to share your opinion  friends.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Oats Payasam/Easy kheer without milk

                     This month is auspicious for every Indian.We tamilians call it  aadi (otherwise "shravan" for others).Many festivals occur this month or this is start of festive season .In aadi month fridays are very special ,my mother-in -law do different payasam for every friday .
                     I did oats payasam for this week friday.Its absoulte delicious and yummy .If you have sweet tooth then this payasam is for absolutely for you .Payasam was little watery ,if you want it little thicker reduce the water added while cooking the oats .
I used very small sidedish cup (available in thali) for measuring oats ,water and jaggery(whatever cup you use ratio remains same ) .

Some easy payasam recipes

Javarisi Payasam/Sabudana Kheer
Moongdal Payasam

Cooking time:25 min

Thursday, August 7, 2014


I Never saw this bean variety before,it happened  to me one fine day .I was surprised to see it and i got it with a curiosity how it will be  .I guess they taste a bit different from our regular curry beans and  taste similar like "asparagus" which i never tasted .You can add some peanuts while tempering if you like little crunchiness while eating this veggie .
Its called long beans but according to me the taste is little different than our regular beans .When i searched for it wikipedia says Its also called "yard long beans","Chinese long beans" ,"Pea bean" ,"Snake bean".
I am returning to my schedule slowly and will be posting as usual very soon .So until then please be patient.

Looking for some easy sidedish then try

Preparation time:5 minutes
Cooking time:15-20 min

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