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Wednesday, July 30, 2014


             Idly Upma is a easy breakfast with leftover idlies.I really can eat a whole lot of upma (this whole batch i can eat) .I remember some of friends who dont like idly like this upma with vengaya kosu,kosumalli .
             What is special about this idly upma ? you might be using the morning or day before streamed idlies , they might be little hard .To make them soft we soak the idly in water and squeeze the extra water out .This way your idly upma will be soft and yummy .Upma means a whole lot of salt (in tamil "uppu" means salt ).Idly upma is no exception to it .With some little extra salt and favourite side dish by your side your leftover idlies gets a royal makeover.

Preparation time:5 min
Cooking time:5 min

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Broccoli Pepper Fry | Indian Broccoli Recipe

     Hello readers and friends, its been long since I posted.We were on vacation, before leaving on vacation I thought I would share some recipes from India,That is impossible!!! I spent most of the time with my family. I visited them after 2 long years. Apologies for not posting a single recipe at that time. We came back a few days ago.I had to start my usual chores,of course posting too.Finally I edited post of this broccoli pepper fry recipe.
    This broccoli pepper fry is a simple broccoli recipe made with just pepper and jeera.Pepper and jeera is added in oil just before broccoli,to get a smoky taste in the fry.You can say this broccoli is prepared in Indian style.Roasted pepper/jeera gives a unique  taste to broccoli fry.I do cauliflower pepper fry this same way.So if you don't get broccoli you can make this pepper fry with cauliflower.
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