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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Kai Murukku Recipe | Suthu Murukku Recipe | Diwali Recipes

         Murukku  is a well known snack of South India also chakli in North India.The crispy texture makes it favorite among kids and adults.There are so many variations of murukku With shape /achu can be  thin and flat,can be 5 groups ,can be single etc.  With main ingredients like ragi,rice flour,maida also With  flavor like sesame seeds, jeera, ajwain or can be spicy  and so on...
kai murukku2

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Crunchy Maida Seedai Recipe | Easy Seedai Recipe

       Seedai is a snack made with rice flour and is famous or more consumed in southern part of India ..Maida seedai is made with all purpose flour instead of rice flour.It is more crunchy than previous ones.Now a days commercially available seedai are all made of maida, because of the crunchy and more tasty outcome.
maida seedai

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Green Tomato Chutney | Thakkali Thuvayal | Easy Chutney Recipe

Green tomato chutney a tangy and spicy Indian style chutney prepared with raw tomato.Thuvayal makes the breakfast delicious any day/everyday and pairs with  idli,dosa on a south Indian household.You can even add to rice or spread it on bread or chapathi...
green tomato chutney

Friday, October 23, 2015

Badusha Recipe | Balushahi | Diwali Sweet Recipe

    Badusha is one of the tasty treats of India also famous in Pakistani and Nepali cuisine.It is like a donut without a hole.Baking soda gives the flakiness, instead of yeast making gluten in donuts.Before i know any donuts i was well aware of balushahi.Balushahi as called in north India has become famous during mughalai period.
badusha recipe

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Hotel Sambar Recipe | Tiffin Sambar

       Sambar a traditional south Indian dish served with idli,dosa,pongal,vadai for breakfast. Sambar is nothing but a soup prepared with pressure cooked and mashed dal, with or without vegetables along with onions,tomato and masala powder.This soup can vary in spice from freshly ground masala paste,specially ground masala powder, sambar powder or only with green chilies.This recipe is with fresh ground masala powder ,its thick and is tasty when you eat it along with idli,dosa and a drizzle of gingelly oil on top of them ..hmm
hotel sambar recipe

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Baked Jeera Biscuits | Healthy Snack Ideas | Wheat Cookies

     Jeera Biscuits a tasty melt in mouth cookies made with whole wheat flour.Nothing can beat the taste of home made baked goodies,cumin biscuits is one among them.I don't make fried items for snack very often either i make sundal or some baked items.I even make sweets very rare.If its an occasion or festival i can make exception.By doing this way we can inspire the younger generations to be more healthy,accept me?    
jeera biscuit

Monday, October 12, 2015

Navrathri 2015 | Navarathri Recipes

     Navrathri is worship of  durga matha for 9 days.Navrathri is considered to be best time to worship matha.During these days people observe fasting or don't eat onion or garlic.In South India golu is arranged in temple and in Brahmin's houses.Golu is the arrangement /decoration of dolls on steps and is worshipped.
    Kids and adults love watching and they are complimented with  sundal or any variety  rice ,prasad for god .Even sumangali pooja is observed in house.Married women is being invited for kumkum and are presented with different things like blouse bits,turmeric,coconut,fruits which are considered to be auspicious.After the pooja they are served with snacks or lunch.So pray matha and get the blessings of her.
   Here are the list of recipes you can prepare for upcoming navrathri festival.This is a new list for 2015 ,for more check 2014 collection at the bottom link.

Starting off with sweet varieties :

     Carrot halwa:a very tasty and simple sweet made with the ingredients available at home.You can finish it off in less than one hour .
carrot halwa

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Peanut Sundal | VerKadalai Sundal | Bisibela Masala Sundal

    Peanut sundal -  prepared with groundnut and bisibelabath masala powder.Sundal  is a healthy snack prepared with legumes. Mostly with pulses ,sometimes with lentils.Usually the pulses are soaked overnight,pressure cooked and then tempered ,if preferred some masala is added to form a protein rich and simple snack.
masala sundal

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Soya Dosa Recipe | SoyBean Dosai | South Indian Dosa Recipe

     Soya dosa a protein rich breakfast made with soybean.Highly nutritious and is best for vegetarians who require more protein for their diet.Soybean is not only protein rich but has numerous amount of iron ,fiber,magnesium and calcium.
soybean dosa1

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Indian Trail Mix Recipe | Healthy Trail Mix | Kids Snack Ideas

Trail mix a nutritious snack with nuts and dried fruits. These are very easy to whip up in a short time and can be best travel companion when you go on a long drive or hiking on trails.They can be good snack for kids or can be healthy mid day meal after breakfast or lunch for adults.Usually trail mix have nuts and dried fruits,now a days there are many different combinations of them.
trail mix recipe1

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Paneer Pulao Recipe | Red Pepper Paneer Pulao | Pressure Cooker Recipes

   Paneer pulao a spicy pulao  made with paneer ,rice and spices. Indian cottage cheese is a favorite of most Indians including kids.Its chewable texture makes it the most favorite like soya chunks.Instead of doing curry with cottage cheese making the main course like pulao will make the meal entirely different.To make the pulao extra yummy ,paneer has to be little firm so that there will be a bite otherwise the taste will be like regular rice.
paneer pulao recipe

Friday, October 2, 2015

Khara Bath Recipe | Masala Rava Kichadi

      Khara bath a very delicious and very tasty karnataka breakfast item.'khara' means spicy 'bath' means upma.Its a twin of kesari bath which is a sweet.This two items together make chow chow bath.
While staying in Bangalore we used to eat all the karnataka specials including this at a nearby joint .Not only there every restaurant in Bangalore serves chow chow bath even in office canteen we often see this pair.
   Chow chow bath =  Khara Bath +Kesari bath with a good amount of coconut or peanut chutney.
  At early morning on Bangalore road with the fog  on the air ,when you eat chow chow bath pairing with a filter coffee you should feel like you have attained all the wishes of your life.It is a bliss !!!
khara bath1

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