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       My name is Priya, I was born and raised in Tamilnadu. My interest in cooking grew leaps and bounds after my marriage. My husband is a food lover and his opinion matters a lot to me. He encouraged me a lot to start this blog. I have an adorable three year old daughter. She is very caring and keeps herself engaged when I spend time on the blog.

     My recipe sources are my mom, grandma and my mother in law. They are great cooks, they taught me how to cook authentic Chettinad cuisine. It is my pleasure to share their knowledge with you all.

  What type of food you can find in Mykitchenodyssey:

  •  Made from scratch foods. I almost don't used processed food barring a few exceptions like cheese in this wheat flour Pizza and cheerios in Cheerios Bhel.    
  •  I grew up eating fresh foods .No refrigerated foods .If there is any food left over I will transform it into something like this Idly upma ,Chapathi noodles.

  •   Healthy foods are what I want to feed my family .So if you are concerned about your health then you sure want to check oats bars(granola bars) ,Adai(lentils dosa),Kollu rasam(horsegram soup).

  •  I cook for 3 of us so  you can find small portions servings of recipes in "mykitchenodyssey" but some are exceptions like masala sundal or mor kulmabhu which are done for serving in gatherings .

Camera :
  • I recently got Nikon D3200 for shooting my food pictures.
  • I use natural light for giving a pleased look on the finished pictures.
  • I am still learning and hoping to get a better camera very soon.
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If you have any queries or want to advertise please contact me priyaculinary (at)gmail(dot)com


  1. Happy to receive knowledge on cooking........ Best wishes from me representing our entire college

  2. You have a nice blog Sathya. Liked your recipes here. That is so sweet of your daughter. Wish my three-year old son could do that. I work on my blog when he is away or when he is sleeping.

    1. Many thanks supriy. yes she is very sweet.

  3. Nice to know you from bloggers.Keep rocking priya...........

  4. Just hopped over from Priya akka's space..kepp rocking gal..


  5. All the very best my dear friend Sathya..Very nice..

  6. Hello priya its nice to know u and also come across your blog!! Thank you for following me dear!! I would do the same!! But rite now i wont be able to take part actively in commenting section :) as im facing some network issue, its difficult for me to access blogs, thats y u see i selected the most shortest page to comment over ur space :) Also pls add me to ur fb if u like, u can get the link of my fb from my space about me :) Hope to get in touch with u there dear!! :)

  7. Nice to know about you priya.. First time here.. you have good collection of recipes.. Happy blogging..

  8. You have a lovely blog...Thanks for stopping @ my space... I am ur new follower...Do follow me in my GFC

  9. Hi Sathya Priya,
    Thanks for stopping by at my blog (cookingwidjoy) and throu that i found your lovely blog :) Keep in touch xx

  10. Hi Sathya Priya, I found your blog well organized and clearly written. You are posting rather frequently like a professional blogger. Congrats & hats off!

  11. I like your so much and covered major food items and thanks lot for sharing.


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