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Friday, February 27, 2015

Ven Pongal | Oats Pongal

      Ven pongal is a south Indian style kichdi made with rice,dal and tempering.Oats is a healthy grain, good for diabetic and heart patience.Reduces the cholesterol level and gives a constant energy through out the day.(its' true, my experience).Oats ven pongal makes a best morning breakfast or brunch ,its quick and very filling too.
ven pongal

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Paneer Tikka Masala Recipe | Side Dish For Chapathi

     Paneer Tikka masala -a rich ,delicious punjabi gravy, prepared with paneer/Indian cottage cheese marinated in spices.Then fried(shallow or oven) and dunked in onion,tomato cashew paste and spices.These calcium rich  beauties are best alternative to vegeterains ,who can't have chicken tikkas.
Paneer tikka masala

Monday, February 23, 2015

Ridge Gourd - Peerkangai Kosumalli | Side Dish for Idiyappam

       Ridge Gourd-Peerkangai is known for its fibre content and cooling effects. I do kootu with this creeper in a way similar to cabbage kootu, other than that hmm... may be chutney with the skin/peels ,nothing much.How you guys use this vegetable?let me know in the comments section.
Ridge Gourd - Peerkangai Kosumalli

Saturday, February 21, 2015

How To Make Paneer Tikka | Indian Starters

   Paneer Tikka-The very famous Indian starter.When i used to work ,we go to restaurants every quarter for dinner.Even though i don't go often ,whenever i go the very first thing they serve was paneer tikka -a juicy,spicy,tangy paneer marinated and roasted in tandoori oven.
paneer tikka

Friday, February 20, 2015

Raw JackFruit Curry | Palakai Piratal | Guest Post

   Raw Jackfruit Curry:
        We Chettinad people love raw jack fruit( palakai) as much like kerela people . Keralites are fond of raw jack fruit and they call it as chakka ,they do variety of recipes like pradaman,curry(with fresh ground masala),Ularthiyathu(stir fry),Kuzhachathu(steamed one) etc.
Raw jackfruit curry

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Strawberry Salsa Recipe | Strawberry Recipes

      Strawberry salsa a quick and refreshing dip for party,game night or get together events.To party, the most occurring summer event.To all wonderful parties ,this bright red colour strawberry salsa sure brings some extra energy.
     To play in park ,have a cool lemonade,blow bubbles,have a long road trip licking ice cream's -sure is a dream in the winter. But you can def enjoy this salsa ,in warmth of your heater.
   No more strawberry recipes,this is the last one.May be i change my mind if i find a batch of wonderful looking strawberries again(hehe).
Strawberry salsa recipe1

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

No Bake Strawberry Cheesecake | Individual Serving

    Strawberry cheesecake -easy dessert ,which doesn't need an oven(no bake).I made individual serving ,to control the amount that go in and also to reduce the wastage.
      I made this cake for the shh cooking secret challenge started by priyasuresh sis,This month my pair is mayuri,she gave me Oreo and strawberry as the secret ingredient.

No bake strawberry cheesecake

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Ammini Kozhukattai | Ragi Kozhukattai | Healthy Snack

     Ragi/Finger millet is one millet I usually include in our snack,breakfast or dinner. One day I wanted to prepare a quick and filling snack then I made this mini/mani/ammini kozhukattai. My better half didn't want to it as usual, so I  tempered the mini ragi kozhukattai and he really enjoyed it.
      I usually make ragi idiyappam when I am devoid of ideas as what to make for dinner/breakfast. I make ragi dosa and also ragi idli with ragi flour. Sometimes I make ragi roti. Remember I told you guys ragi is rich in calcium and is good for weight loss? So prepare yourself the salt version and your kids the sweet version.
Ammini kozhukattai is prepared with the leftover flour from making modak/poorna kozhukattai.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Vegetable Fried Rice Recipe | Indo Chinese

     There are many items in indo-chinese.Vegetable fried rice will be a quick and healthy and really tasty too,among others.I will try to make and post more indo chinese in future.I have a love towards noodles and fried rice .I prefer ordering them when we visit near by restaurants.
    Kids too love these different rice variety,don't like regular sambar,rasam. They  should love their lunch boxes,not to bring anything back?.By making these vegetable fried rice you definitely can achieve the above goal.
vegetable fried rice recipe

Monday, February 9, 2015

Bread Pakora Recipe | Bread Bajji | South Indian Breakfast

        Bread Bajji/Bread pakora the very easiest snack.To make bread bajji is not difficult ,mix besan,rice flour,spice and salt.dip bread ,shallow fry or deep fry.I shallow fried them.So i can eat them as much as i like.
    No veggies needed to make bajji's,you can use the leftover breads to make a nutritious snack for kids.This can be a quick fix too when you have sudden guest at home.My mom do it whenever we have guest.Not only guest we too love to munch these beauties along with hot tea.
      You can substitute white bread with any other bread.My guess is ,the bread pakoras will not be too soft .At the end of post i included a simple breakfast platter considering guest or for a best breakfast for yourself and family.

bread pakora recipe

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Strawberry Jam Recipe | Strawberry Recipes

Strawberry Jam- a easy and quick jam you can make at home.At busy mornings toast bread ,fill in jam.Tada.. breakfast ready..Homemade jams are always best because there is no preservatives and no pectin.

Strawberry jam recipe

Friday, February 6, 2015

Parotta Salna | Chicken Salna

    Parotta Salna is nothing but different style of making korma.Salna is especially made for parotta, a south Indian speciality.Parotta is plain with more oil, a spicy gravy like salna goes best with parotta.There are many varieties of salna like chicken,plain,vegetable salna.In this post i explain chicken salna.To make vegetable salna replace chicken with finely chopped beans,carrot,peas,cauliflower etc.
Parotta salna

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Bread Halwa Recipe | Diwali Recipes | Guest Post

Hello readers/friends Yet another guest post.
     Blogging... is really wonderful ,how fortunate i am, to be in this blogging world.I got to learn new things,got new friends,share my thoughts through my post, Apart from that it is so wonderful to make something new (food),when its turn out super delicious there is no word for it?Seriously you along with your dearies can enjoy  new cuisine,variety everyday.Now a days i don't feel like going to restaturants and hotels.
Bread halwa

Monday, February 2, 2015

Parotta Recipe | Kerala Paratha

    Parotta a wonderful food ,every tamilian want to dig in more everyday.When you visit tamilnadu at night you will find at least one parotta shop.Tamilnadu parotta is served with salna where as kerala its served with onion raita.
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