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Friday, February 20, 2015

Raw JackFruit Curry | Palakai Piratal | Guest Post

   Raw Jackfruit Curry:
        We Chettinad people love raw jack fruit( palakai) as much like kerela people . Keralites are fond of raw jack fruit and they call it as chakka ,they do variety of recipes like pradaman,curry(with fresh ground masala),Ularthiyathu(stir fry),Kuzhachathu(steamed one) etc.
Raw jackfruit curry

        Raw Jack fruit Curry/Palakai piratal is yet another chettinad special made with Raw Jack fruit and potatoes ,along  with  ground coconut masala. This is a dry curry compared to kootu with Raw Jack fruit.
Few words about guest post and Usha:
    This is a guest post for my friend usha who blogs at Mahaslovely home .I know her very well through facebook.She is a very kind and very energetic lady.She share her sarrow and joy with friends.
Even though she has two mischevious boys she post her recipes daily.She has a lovely site where she has so many biriyani ,andhra recipes and many healthy recipes.I specially love her prawn fries(Its so crispy and looks very appetizing) and creamy chicken kofta(looks very very tasty).If you are a spice lover who loves non-veg too you sure want to check her space for recipes like this.
Raw jackfruit curry

How to make RawJack Fruit Curry/Palakai piratal(a pictorial presentation)

1) Pressure cook the veggies
2)Temper :
3)Saute onion:

Saute onions
4)Saute tomatoes:

Saute tomato

5)Add ground masala:
Add ground coconut paste

6)Let it simmer:
let it simmer

7)Add pressure cooked potato and raw jackfruit:
Piratal ready

Piratal ready.Serve it with curd rice or sambar rice.A bliss for sure .

Don't forget to check full Palakai Piratal recipe in her space.

More to come...
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Sending these beauties to remya event


  1. Love this pirattal, I love it when my aaya makes it....brings me all those memories :) looks perfect Sathya!!!

  2. just checked the recipe in Maha's space..looks yumm dear..nice pics...

  3. yum yum .. loved it.. I loved jackfruit ..raw or ripe. Perfectly made dish Sathya!!

  4. This is one vegetables I am still sacred to put my hands.. love it the way u made it perfect!

  5. Delicious jack fruit curry........Lovely guest post... :)

  6. What a delicious curry:-) great guest post

  7. Never tasted this curry before.. interesting.


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