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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Carrot Curry | Chettinad Food

     Carrot Curry-a mild comforting curry with fresh carrots and toor dal along with some tempering.Commonly called "tuvatal" served along with rasam or sambar rice in chettinad.
       In chettinad varieties of veggies are served .Pachadi-tangy curry(with toor dal and with veggies like lady's finger,raw mango),Kootu-mild curry ( made with veggies like choyote,snake gaurd,cabbageand spiced with green chilies),Tuvatal-stir fry (with or without coconut also with or without toor dal made from veggies like carrot,snake guard,green leafy veggies),Masiyal-mild curry (from veggies like spinach but when made with yam it has tamarind pulp).Kola(dry blend of fresh veggies, dal and spices).Piratal-Mixed spiced veggies(steamed veggies cooked in ground coconut ,spice paste or simply with spice paste).Varuval-dry curry(shallow roast of spiced veggies) there is still more ,but with this intro i would like to go for the recipe of carrot curry straight away.
carrot curry

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Methi Thepla |Gujarati Recipes

Thepla a very popular spiced ,flat,unleavened bread of Gujarat.Thepla is def one of the most delicious and nutritious recipe among the other gujarati food.These flat breads  are great travel companions and can be eaten as a breakfast or can be munched during snack time.
When i tried methi thepla the outcome was phenomenal.Its become our family favourite ,i am doing it at least once in 10 days.
methi thepla

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Egg Omelet Recipe|How To Make Egg Omelet|South Indian Style

Egg omelet -Easy to make side dish for rice,for lazy afternoons or when there is no veggies.
    Everybody loves egg's in one or other form.I just love them in gravy or curries(only boiled ones) my better half like omelet's.In many countries egg omelet is served for breakfast along with bread and juice.In India its served mostly during lunch.How ever eating egg based dishes at night is not suggested you can eat them early before dusk so that it gets digested before you sleep.
egg omelet

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Carrot Rice|Guest Post

      This is a guest post for my sweet friend Rafee who blogs at Sweettoothraf ,the name itself could tell you what she blogs about?Well if not she has a sweet tooth and she has many wonderful cakes and sweets which I like most. She also has many kerela meat recipes and simple snack recipes as well.I am looking forward trying her rose cake very soon.Recently she moved her blog to her own domain. Visit her site to find more about rafee the wonderful mom,cook and blogger.
    For a busy person like her I made a simple lunchbox recipe.This carrot rice may help her in busy schedule. Hope she liked this recipe as much you all do.

Carrot rice

Friday, January 23, 2015

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Garam Masala Powder Recipe|Easy And Quick

What is Garam masala powder?
     Garam masala is a Indian spice mix prepared by dry roasting or sun drying many of the spices and ground to powder.This garam masala plays a major role in most north Indian sabzi's and curry even parathas.Making own garam masala powder is not very fancy.My mom usually makes chili powder,coriander powder,masala powder,sambhar powder.I never attempted to make these powders at home.I make Idli milagai podi at home  other than that i prepare bisibelabath with fresh bisibelabath powder and make pepper,jeera powder for rasams and omelette's.
garam masala

Monday, January 19, 2015

Soya Chunks Biryani|Semiya Biryani

      Most of us hate semiya/vermicelli when making upma.I too hate semiya upma due to my hostel stay.I like only ragi idiyappam.To make people eat semiya you can make a biryani out of it ,seems to be a good idea? and also its a best variation to regular vegetable ,mushroom ,chicken biryani's.This recipe is really helpful for moms who want an interesting new lunch recipe.You can cook it for your guest within few minutes and surprise them.
semiya biryani

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Pongal Celebration|USA

 To me Pongal is the best festival celebrated by us. Its the harvest festival celebrated on the first day of the Tamil month Thai.Thai pongal is celebrated as a four day festival.

sakkara pongal

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Chana Pulao|Lunch Recipe

Chana Pulao/Channa pulao is a quick lunch made with chana/kabuli chana/white chickpeas/garbanzo beans.Chana pulao is a best variation from regular lunch/lunch box menu.Even pulao are good for lazy Sunday afternoon lunch right?You can eat with papad,vathal,raita of your choice.
Chana pulao

Monday, January 12, 2015

Millet Dosa | Millet Breakfast Recipes

Millet's are known for its health benefits.If you don't know what is millet make sure you read it before proceeding.
       Millet's can be consumed just like rice that said you can try a dosa with it.This millet dosa is very good for a healthy start of the day.If you are doing millet dosa for breakfast grind the batter the  day before and ferment it.
       I used samai/sama/little millet/chama for making this dosa.This Little millet dosa is very crisp and filling .You can try dosa with other Millet's too.I haven't used rice in this dosa because we normally eat rice every meal be it dosa,idly or for lunch .If you want to include rice add one cup, add 1/2 cup of urad Dal too and follow the same procedure.If you want the dosa to be soft you can add sabudana/javarisi while grinding.Sabudana has to be soaked along with little millet.

millet dosa

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Papaya Curry|Papali Kootu

Papaya  Curry a semi liquid gravy that goes very well with rice,roti dishes.

Other Names of Papaya:
     Raw papaya  also called as papali,green papaya, karamusa, kaplanga,Papaw,Paw paw,peper in other languages.Raw Papaya plays a major role in bengali ,Thai and Indonesia cuisine..That's why people's have a great glowing skin :)

papaya curry

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Vada Pav Recipe|Wada Pav

       Vada pav is an elegant snack from mumbai road side. Its one of the most popular vegetarian fast food dish in mumbai and Maharashtra. I never tasted vada pav's. My better half did and he was crazy about it.When we had vada pav in Bangalore ,he used to say these never come close to mumbai vada pav. I liked the pav there but my thinking was" it must be so yummy then?".
vada pav
       I love pani puri,bhel chat,pav bhaji,aloo bonda  all the famous north Indian snack items and tried at home. I wanted to try vada pav too for so long but kept postponing it because it is a deep fried snack. I keep a rule like once in two weeks or once in 10 days I make a deep fried snack.We usually have poori on Saturday so vada pav took so long .
     One Friday I did pav buns, i wanted to make breakfast with them the next day then i thought about making vada pav. I served the pav with garlic chutney tarladalal suggested.This recipe is from tarladalal.
      If you are looking for a quick snack mumbai style snack check masala pav.
vada pav

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

What Is Millet|Health Benefits Of Millets

    This post is going to be a informative post rather than recipe post .This new year i am trying to include some millets in our diet.I usually add ragi/finger millet regularly not any other millets.Before posting other millet recipes i want to give some introduction about the millets and its benefits for your knowledge.

What is Millet:
       Millets are fast growing grains(in cooking terms) otherwise its small seeded grasses which are grown in dry areas.Millets are referred as siruthanyam in tamil(its def the small grains available).In olden days rice is the costliest food compared to millets .Rice requires more time to grow and it requires much water than millets.While Millets can be grown in short as 60 days and it requires less water and much poorer soil.Poor people can't afford rice and can eat only millets.Now a days with awarness of health benefits of millets its a costliest grain compared to rice and wheat.Here in US a 9 kg of rice cost 18 dollars while 700 grams of millets cost 3-4 dollars.see How Millets got its place in the modern world ?

Countries Millets are grown:
     India is one of the largest producers of Millet varieties.Bajra or pearl millet is the grain that is grown widely in India.Nigeria seconds India in millet production.

Why eat Millets:
    I know what is a millet and its history why should i eat it ?
 Millets are considered to be miracle grain which is non-glutinous.Here is US many people are allergic to glutenous grains like wheat.Millets are completely non-glutinous and easily digestible food which are non-allergenic too.Millets are generally organic.

Health Benefits of Millets:
    Millets releases lesser percentage of glucose for longer period of time, the body can produce its own glucose by that time so its considered to be best food for diabetic people.Millets are high in Iron,calcium(finger millet has highest calcium content),fibre,phosphorous,manganese,vitamin B6,folate.People say it cures cancer but its not proven yet.

How to consume or cook Millets:
       Millets are very good for health ?but how can i consume it?You can replace rice based recipe with Millet's- like dosa,idly,upma,pongal,roti,adai,porridge etc.Millets can be consumed hulled or non-hulled.If you buy in organic shops it will mostly be hulled type.Millets will be cooked early than rice and it requires lesser water to cook compared to rice.Usually a cup of millet when needed fluffy requires 2 cups of water when cooked in an open pan.In pressure cooker, may be with less water(haven't done that before).

Beware of Large consumption of Millets
          Being read all of the benefits of eating Millet's can i eat them daily ?No obviously not.Everything in moderation in considered to be good ,right ?because huge eating of Millet's increases the gaitrogen level and may cause serious goiter which is a thyroid based issue.So be aware and eat wisely.

Where can i buy Millets:
      In US:
          Indian stores,amazon,whole foods and some online shops.
      In India:
           Most organic shops carry Millet's.Some particular vendors sell online too.

Millet names in various Indian languages for your reference:

           English         Tamil          Malayalam          Kannada      Telugu        Hindi

  1. Finger Millet      Kepai                Muuthari               Ragi               Ragulu            Madua
  2. Foxtail Millet    Thinai                  Thina                    Navane           Korra             Kangni
  3. Kodo Millet       Varagu             Koovaragu              Harka             Arikelu           Kodra
  4. Little Millet       Samai                 Chama                    Samee             Sama               Mutki
  5. Barnyard Millet Kuthiraivali  Kavadapullu            Oodalu           Odalu              Jhogora
  6. Sorghum           Makka Cholam   Cholam                   Jola                Jonna               Juwar
  7. Pearl Millet       Kambu               Chambu                   Sajje             Sazzalu              Bajra

Millet Recipes:

Will update this section whenever i add a millet recipe like ragi puttu,ragi mudde,ragi kool,ragi roti,sammai dosa etc.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Beetroot Pasta|Indian Style Pasta

        Beetroot pasta made in Indian style-
                     Pasta's are kid favourite ,now its become every body's favourite right?.My family is no exception ..we love pasta with cheese, so i try to make white sauce pasta .When there is much pizza sauce left ,i do pizza sauce pasta too.I am getting constant request from readers ,"How i make Indian style pasta "?This is an attempt to make one such Indian Style pasta to please kids with whatever you have at home.You can add any fresh herbs like coriander or mint leaves while serving.
           Beetroot Pasta has no oregano,butter or any other seasonings,feel free to add seasoning if you have any.Its a Sweet and mild spicy pasta, if you want a spicier beetroot pasta add 1-2 red chilies more.
Beetroot pasta

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Most Viewed Recipes|Favorite Recipes 2014

      2014 has been a wonderful year.Got few prizes from fellow bloggers .Celebreated blog first anniversary with a giveaway, got to know so many blogger friends.Improved a bit in photography skills.Got a new camera etc.Most exciting part for me is tried many dishes that i never tried before.Now i am making my own bread ,isn't it great improvement.This year i am looing forward to try many more .If you want to see any recipes on mykitchenodyssey   write to me on priyaculinary(at)gmail(dot)com
    Most important thing for a blogger is to get and it is most required part too.I i got few frequent visitors last year.This year i want to see more of you as my frequent visitors .
   Some recipes in mykitchenodyssey has been viewed many times and its been readers favorite.This post is about most popular recipes of the year 2014.

Vegetable biriyani-Most famous one pot meal in the world.This vegetable biriyani is made with pressure cooker without losing the taste.
Vegetable biriyani

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