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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Chocolate Pie|Tofu Chocolate Pie

            Chocolate pie -i actually came across this pie when i failed to make homemade chocolates.When i searched for chocolate recipes ,i found this heavenly chocolate pie recipe. This caught my attention ,because its very easy and very appealing. As usual i substituted with ingredients at hand and made a wonderful dessert.

   Pie is a baked Dish made of a pastry dough casing that covers or completely contains a filling of various sweet and savoury ingredients.This pie don't have a pastry, instead uses crackers as the base and indian cheese,chocolate and tofu puree as the filling.

*****This is not vegan or vegeterain pie it has eggs and indian cheese.

     This chocolate pie is mild sweet without any cream topping.When you eat it after a meal ,its just all you want.If you feel its less sweet you can melt some chocolate and top it.I did this later to please my daughter.  

For substitution :

  • I used Marie biscuit for base ,you can use graham crackers or orea instead.
  • I used yogurt .you can use cream cheese in  the original recipe as well .
  • Use silken tofu.I used firm tofu so the pie has little texture problems.                     

    Chocolate pie

                                                  Chocolate Pie|Tofu Chocolate Pie

Chocolate pie                Chocolate pie made with tofu,yogurt,chocolate and Marie biscuits

Cuisine: International Category: Dessert Yields:8 X 8 pie  Prep time:15 minutes Cook time:30 minutes Total time: 45 minutes



  • 25 Marie biscuits/graham crackers
  • 5 tbsp butter(melted).
  • 1 tsp vanilla essence.
  • 1 egg
  • 3/4 cup yogurt/cheese
  • 8 oz tofu/silken tofu
  • 3/4 cup homemade chocolate/melted chocolate chips.
Base Preparation:
  • Crush marie biscuits fine.add melted butter,vanilla essence to it.
Mix butter,biscuit mixture

  • Mix all of them well.
  • I mixed them using blender and worked out with my hands to make a crust.
Pie crust ready

Filling Preparation:
  • Add egg,yogurt,tofu,melted chocolate and puree them until smooth ,using blender.
Mix all of the igredients to smooth paste

Assembly and Baking:
  • Grease 8 inch tray and press the base mixture to it hard .
Press the craker mixture in to the pan

  • Pour in the filling carefully.
pour in the filling

  • Preheat the oven to 350degrees for 10 minutes.
  • Bake it for 30 minutes.
baked pie

  • Cool it completely .
  • Store in refrigerator until serving.
Chocolate pie ready

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  1. An healthy recipe to make a lovely and delicious pie.You did a good job .

    1. Thanks madhavi.My intension is same, to make a healthy pie at home ..

  2. Wonderful recipe dear..Lovely click too..Did you use the new camera?

  3. Nice but it's not that chocolaty looking. So done with chocolate?

    1. Linsy i made it with home made chocolate.That chocolate is made with brown sugar not white sugar.

  4. Healthy and also delicious pie. Beautiful clicks.

  5. its an awesome pie which goes absolute taste of mine.. yes it comes to sweet and pastry.. am not a kinda person who loves more sweet and pastry.. so its perfect measures for me to try.. :) Thanks for the recipe..

    1. Thanks ranjani.Its not too chocolaty..Try it and let me know .

  6. WOW... this looks amazing... and healthy too...

    1. Thanks rafee .Its not too healthy as it sound.Got more butter in homemade chocolate,outer layer also.But its def healthy compared to store bought ones with no preservatives ,not too chocolaty.

  7. yummy...looks so soft n perfect

    1. Thanks remya..Its so soft at the top and crumbly at the bottom

  8. Heavenly and one which I must try esp when I have guest coming over because quite easy to make.

  9. Very humble recipe. ..should taste superb I rightπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

  10. Healthy and an absolutely divine pie. Perfect for this festive season Sathya

  11. Perfect Pie.. love to have that piece...

  12. That slice of pie looks awesome, very tempting indeed..

  13. Chocolate pie looks very tempting :) Love the way it has turned out for you :)

  14. Looks really tempting.. Do participate in the event with giveaway happening in my space

  15. o my Goodness so beautiful looking pie :) i am so obsessed with your wonderful clicks :) very nice

  16. Yummy !!! love ur space dear.. following you on G+:)


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