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Helpful Kitchen Tips

Cooking Tips:
  • While Cooking dal always add  Asafoetida (Hing) and a drop of  Sesame/Castor oil to ensure that the Dal cooks through.

  • While adding cooked dal to sambar. Mash dal well after filtering the cooked water .Now your sambar looks thick and appealing .

  • Always have a chop stick at kitchen.Chopstick are always handy while taking out the fried items like murukku/chaklis ,checking the baked goddies like cake,Steamed idlis. 

  • While Mixing the chappathi flour (prepared by regular machine grinding) add hot thin milk or mashed bananas to make them soft.

  • Add a drop of oil while cooking Basmati rice to prevent it from turning mushy.

  • While boiling milk or making tea add some water to pot before adding milk.Now  milk don't stick to its pot.You can easily clean the milk pot.

  • While cooking Savory snacks add a little heated butter/oil to make them extra crispy.

  • Cook sweets in a low flame.By doing this way your sweet don't get burnt and also get more flavor .
  • While tempering add the mustard seeds first and wait for them to splutter before adding the rest of the ingredients .By doing this way we get the required goodness from mustard seeds.

  • When adding lemon juice add it at the end of the cooking process to prevent it from turning sour/bitter.
Storing Tips:
  • To keep Coriander leaves fresh, Cover them in a paper towel  and keep them inside a storage box.
  • To keep Mint leaves fresh keep them bunched up and store them in a plastic bag.
  • Keeping a small bowl of baking soda in refrigerator keeps it smelling fresh.
  •  Instead of napthalene balls you can use dryer sheets like bounty .These sheets can be used everywhere in laundry bags,shoe rack,Dresser,Garbage can etc.
  • Add one or 2 dried bay leaves to the flour containers to avoid weevil(flour bugs) infestation.
Cutting Tips:

  • Soak the shallots in water to peel them quick.
  • Smash the  garlic pods to easily peel of the skin.
 Vegetable choosing Tips:
  • How to choose broccoli:
              Look for deep green color with long stems. 
              Dark green rule is good for all green or leafy vegetables

Cleaning Tips:
  • To clean the oil stains in vessels.Add hot water to vessel and clean it with regular dish wash soap.
  • To clean oil stained places near stove use wet wipes like lysol .This will make your stove shine like silver .
Health Tips:
  • Instead of adding tamarind paste to sambhar ,rasam
Money Saving Tips:
  • Try to utilize all the burners. It helps you save on the Gas cost.
  • Place cooker gasket  in refrigerator milk shelf or freezer.To have a long life .
  • Reuse the kitchen paper towel the next day .To help save money and earth.
  • Have a menu plan for the week. It helps to save money when you buy groceries.
  • Stay Safe, Eat Healthy and Happy Cooking.

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