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Thursday, March 31, 2016

9 Easy Indian Spinach Recipes | Palak Recipes

     Spinach - one of the highly consumed leafy vegetables in India. It is commonly called 'palak' and there are so many mouth watering recipes you can make with this green.Today I am going to share with you a collection of recipes from mykitchenodyssey.Before goign to the collection lets see some nutrition information.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Dates Nuts Rolls Recipe | Bakery Style Dates Nut Roll | Video Recipe

     Dates roll one of the easiest and healthiest Snack /Sweet/Dessert. With Holi around the corner, I just want to wish the readers with  a sweet recipe to try on that day. I don't want to disappoint weight watchers as well so sharing a sugar-free healthy snack. This is a perfect energy booster like a granola bar,Indian trail mix.That said you can pack it while going on a long trip,Hike or in the cute little kids snack box along with a simple spinach sandwich or peanut butter banana sandwich.
dates and nut rolls1

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Spinach Pasta Recipe | Kids Pasta Recipes | Kids Lunch Box Ideas

      Spinach pasta another one of a very easy kids favorite meal.I remember the day I made this for my daughter, she was begging me to do this the next day for her lunch box.My Little one is not so choosy though but nowadays she wants to choose her lunch.she is like "I don't want idli, chutney.No this, not that etc..".So I need to find a way to feed her favorite which is healthy and filling too.
spinach pasta recipe1

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Indian Masala ButterMilk Recipe | Summer Recipes | Majjiege

                Masala Butter Milk - a very easy Indian style thirst quencher.It's called by various names 'majjige' in Kannada,'neer mor' in Tamil,'Chaas' in Hindi and 'Sambaram' in Malayalam. Like the names, the ingredients added will differ from state to state but the Star Ingredient  remains the same.
indian masala buttermilk recipe

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Pongal Kuzhambu | Chettinad Style Mixed Vegetable Kulambhu | Step By Step Picture Recipe

     Pongal kuzhambu - a spicy, tangy mixed vegetable curry prepared during the harvest festival of Tamilnadu.Curry  is made with the freshest vegetables available that season.Those veggies make the gravy so delicious.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Cheese Spinach Sandwich Recipe | Kids Snack Under 5 Minutes | Step by Step Pics

       Cheese spinach sandwich-  a quickest snack recipe you will ever make after cheese sandwich.This is my new go-to recipe for my kiddo and she really is loving her veggie to the core. It's very easy even kids can attempt making with a little help from adults.Making their own will be fun and will really make them happy and satisfied too.
cheese spinach sandwich

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