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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Chocolate Banana Smoothie|Breakfast Smoothie

What is a smoothie?What is a milkshake ?What is the difference between smoothie and a milkshake?

  •     Smoothie is a drink made  without ice cream or even without milk.Basically thick kind .
  •     Milkshake is a drink made with milk ,ice cream or both.Milkshakes can be thin with or without fruit.
    I really had a hard time planning the title of this post.But finally i decided to go with smoothie.
     This smoothie i did for cooking secretly challenge started by priya suresh sis .This month my pair is sailaja reddy .She gave two wonderful ingredients ,Cocoa and banana..After hearing the ingredients i decided to do this smoothie ..Because drinks are rare happenings in mykitchenodyssey right ?
    I won't click and post smoothies and drinks which my daughter always demands.The ones i posted are strawnerry milkshake when strawberry is in season, lemon sharbath during summers,peach lassi when i buy peach.
   This is a skinny version ,you can very well add full fat milk and a very large banana and add more cocoa powder to make it more sweeter and thick smoothie.I personally don't like much sweet, so used less cocoa powder and no honey.Adding of peanut butter is optional.But it gives a nice touch to the smoothie.
     This is very filling smoothie.If you are in a hurry for a breakfast but forgot or don't have anything to cook .This smoothie is the best option.

chocolate banana smoothie

                                  Chocolate Banana Smoothie|Breakfast Smoothie

Banana Smoothie              Easy healthy breakfast with chocolate banana smoothie

Cuisine: International Category: Breakfast Yields:1 cup  Prep time:5 minutes Cook time: Total time: 10 minutes

  • 1  banana.
  • 3 tsp cocoa powder or hot chocolate.
  • 1 cup low fat milk(i used 2 percent milk)
  • 1 tsp peanut butter(optional).
  • honey (optional).
  • Mix all the ingredients to a blender.Blend it until smooth.
  • Pour in glass and enjoy your chocolate banana smoothie.
  • If you boil milk ,then cool it and make smoothie.
  • Smoothies are best with chilled milk.
  • You can add frozen banana instead of chilled milk too.Don't just add the frozen banana.Keep it out for 15-20min ,before adding to blender.
smoothie ready

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  1. nice click .. from ur new camera?

    1. Yes smitha.This one was take on a cloudy day with my kid pestering me to give that smoothie to her .hehehe .

  2. Yummlicious drink!!! Lucky kid:)

  3. Chocolate banana smoothie looks delicious. very nice click.

  4. this combination is always awesome... love it...

  5. Love that touch of peanut butter there. It goes really well with the banana and chocolate flavours in there.

  6. wow! yummy and filling drink!! lovely clicks :)

  7. Smoothie looks very delecious dear :)

  8. Delicious filling drink. Love it

  9. I will love to have this yummy drink.. Loved the clicks dear

  10. Delicious Smoothie !!Nice clicks

  11. healthy and yummy drink dear


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