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Thursday, May 1, 2014


   Pearl millet is bajras english name .Its also called kambu (in tamil),Bajra(in hindi),sajje (in kannada) ,kambam (in malayalam),Sajjalu (in telugu).One good news is- india is the largest producer of this crop ,so we can be happy that we are eating our home grown food .    

       I got 2 packets of bajra flour without knowing what to make with it ,but i know one thing its a whole grain .One fine day i just got this recipe from uma aunty (whom i met in facebook.during the early days she is the one encouraging me in my facebook fanpage very often) and made it ,it was a bit  bitter when i had my first mouth and my huss too felt the same .I made this roti more than 4 times now and we love it a lot ,my little girl too loves her bajra roti much .
        It is essential to add some grains to your diet on a daily basis (according to my opinion).These are the reasons that i say we need to add more grains to our diet.

  1. Food now a days are more processed 
  2. They get adulterated (like adding stones to your wheat ,adding pesticides to the crops to yield more etc) .
 Do you think that bajra,millet,couscous are the grains .Wheat is also a grain ,which i guess everybody got in their house ?So eat something healthy not a processed food ,will you ?

If you are looking for some side dish for this roti check

Malai kofta
Palak dal
Paneer butter Masala
Rajma gravy
Poori bhaji(potato masala for poori)
Channa in peanut curry
Mushroom gravy
Chicken Gravy

Yields :8 small rotis
Preparation time:5 min+(half an hour rest time)
Cooking time:10-15 min


  • 1 cup bajra flour/kambu mavu/pearl millet flour
  • 1 cup wheat flour/kothumai mavu
  • little salt 
  • warm water (for kneading)
  • 1/2 tsp oil +oil for rotis
  • wheat flour (for dusting)


  • Knead wheat flour and bajra flour together with salt.
  • Add warm water little by little and knead it thorough.
  • seperte in to 8 balls.
  • Roll them using rolling pin by dusting them properly

  • Heat the tava .
  • Add the rolled roti to it .When the side changes color flip it .
  • Flip the other side when it bubbles.
  • Add oil to both sides .

  • Serve it hot .


  • Use warm water (not hot water nor cold water) while kneading .Otherwise its difficult to roll them .
  • Use flour for dusting ,if you use oil it  will stick more than usual .
  • Its bit difficult to roll them if the dough is more moist so knead with exact water measurement (thats the reason my rotis have got little cracks in one side)


  • If you use only bajra flour for making rotis its a difficult to roll them .If you are using only bajra flour Rotis will be little hard as well.Check How to make them without sticking in my corn tortillas post.
  • You can add some cumin seeds ,ajwain to make rotis more aromatic  .
  • Feel free to add flour like corn ,jowar,kodo millet etc available at your hand .

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  1. Bajra is an indigenous ingredient and completely agree that we need to use more whole grains in our diet.

  2. Great Idea of introducing whole grains into our diet.. We often settle down for high carb food...

  3. One of my lunch box item at least once a week.. Perfectly done


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