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Monday, May 5, 2014


        Mango is a seasonal fruit and is more abundant in summer season .It has so many nutritional values including high in vitamin A apart from its sweety goodness .You can enjoy the raw mango as it is or add some chili and salt mixture on the cut mango ,slightly dip one side and eat it ,This is the easiest to enjoy the raw mango, isn't it ?.You can simply cut the mango and serve it with curd rice another easy way to enjoy the mango .
How people use mangoes:
       Indian People do vathal((dry the mango in sunlight to remove the moisture and store it for the whole year ),Thokku (grate them and add some spices and jaggery ),Sambhar ,Juice to enjoy the mango when its available.
What Type of mango to use:

           This mango pickle taste more better with mooku manga(Tota puri mango) .The place where i live in US has mango available, but are mexican mangoes(but that didnt stop me doing this pickle) .
If you are storing this pickle :

Because you are doing pickle with the fresh mango shelf life is up to one week (remember to store in jar/airtight continer and use fresh spoon evertime) .

           This pickle is my very favourite .I remember eating them at lord muruga temple where they serve this pickle along with kanji (They cook and cool the rice and add some onion and some tempering along with little water and curd).Now you have come to the conclusion that this pickle taste better with curd rice ,But believe me it taste better with rasam ,sambhar rice too .

Interested in some mango recipes check

Manga thokku(grated mango pickle)
Mango Toordal Curry

Preparation time:10 min
Yields:2 cups (approximate)

  • 1 raw mango ( i used Mexican mango)
  • 1/4 tsp chili powder
  • Salt (as per taste)
To temper:

  • 1 tbsp oil 
  • 1 tsp mustard seeds
  • few curry leaves.
  • Little hing

  • Cut the mangoes thin (leave the nut /middle part/seed)

  • Add Chili powder and salt .
  • Mix it well with spoon or spatula
  • Heat the tava .
  • Add oil to it .
  • Add mustard seeds and Wait till it splutter.
  • Add curry leaves and hing as well .
  • Add it to the pickle after the oil cools down.

  • Fantastic yummy pickle with less oil is ready to eat .


  • The next day pickle taste even better because the mango has got all the flavours (if you are in a hurry no problem you can eat them the same day).
  • Make sure to use fresh waterless spoon (this helps to increase the shelf life)
  • This pickle taste great with mooku manga(Tata para manga) .
  • If the Raw Mango is little ripe(not too much) then also its good for this pickle.
  • You can add little methi powder as well (this helps to reduce the heat caused by Mango)
  • Don't remove the skin.Skin helps to balance the tanginess and give a nice crunch while eating.
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