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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Nova Sandwich Maker Review | Give Away

Nova VSM/NSM 2409 750 watt two slice Sandwich Maker 
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It's a good day for me to greet you guys a very good morning.You guys must be enjoying your weekend ? with the same enthusiasm hear this good news. You must have read the title, Yes?Yeah !!! It's giveaway time.
   I always admire readers, they are the great support behind any blog or any TV shows.Without your support, I am nowhere at this place.Thanks everyone for your continued support.
    So to make you all happy I am here with a giveaway, this time, its Nova VSM/NSM 2409 750 watt two slice Sandwich Maker.  Who doesn't love a gift? don't you ?for this new year, this is going to be a great great gift for all mykitchenodyssey readers.

So let me tell you in detail about the gift that you are going to get.

     It's a two slice sandwich maker.Consider any Indian kitchen at morning, all will be busy getting ready for office, school and everyone has to get out of the house at least before 8.30 am.To make your work easier, you prefer any toaster. This one is even better and it has two slices that mean at the same time you can make a sandwich for you and your husband.
     This one is great for a normal sized bread.Makes your slices quickly toasted within just 5 minutes.Just Keep the slices of veggies you want inside the bread and close it.Within you pack your lunch boxes, your breakfast will be ready.That's jiffy, right? 
     It has non -stick coating that saves you from cleaning the mess happened while making your breakfast. So double benefit, it saves time for making and also cleaning up the mess.
      The only drawback with this one is, it has a short wire for plugging in.So you need to place it near the plug-in point and toast your bread.
     If you want the gift all I ask you is, follow the instructions below.Before that please check if your address is serviceable by This ensures there is no delivery break.Are you ready for the fun? All the best everyone.
    I am really thankful for BestKitchenFaucetsHub.Com for making this giveaway happen.This is a leading Faucet review portal.

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If you are a blogger:

    You have to be a follower in at least 3 to qualify for the draw. Also., Share this post in facebook and tag 5 of your friends including me or Tweet about this giveaway and tag me.

       If you are non-blogger and have a facebook account or google account join me then share and tag friends like I said above that includes me.

And please remember to comment on this post with the name you use on every social media.

     This giveaway starts 1 Feb and ends 14 Feb.I will announce the winners after I check all the requirements.You can share it every day to get bonus points.For that, you need to tag different friends.

Update on 24 th Feb:

     First of all, I must thank all of the participants.There are totally 11 entries.All entries are from blogger friends.I didn't check the requirements and just did the draw today.I was little lazy.Sorry for making it too late.

The winner is Beulah.Please send me your address through facebook or mail me to collect your nova sandwich maker.



  1. Sounds like a wonderful toaster! Good luck with the giveaway :)

  2. Lovely giveaway... I will participate for sure

    1. You guys will make this event very special.Expecting your participation amrita

  3. My mom used a Nova for God-knows how many years! Lovely review and good luck on the give away...

    1. Wow !! that's a real review rafee.Looking forward for your participation.

  4. i hope this sandwich maker will deliver the ultimate taste to the food

  5. Lovely giveaway and toaster too

    1. Thanks farin.Looking forward for your participation.

  6. Lovely give away .. I have joined it..
    Already following you on fb, twitter and pinterest. Shared the post and tagged 5 friends and you as mentioned.

    1. Thanks for the follow ji. Wish you good luck.

  7. Done all the steps.

    GFC name- babi
    Facebook- Babitha A.costa
    Twitter- babitha costa
    Pinterest -babitha costa

    G + : babitha costa
    networked blog: babitha

  8. Replies
    1. It's a good sandwich maker vidya.Looking forward for your participation.

  9. Hi Sathya,Lovely giveaway..Just shared this post on my timeline
    Pinterest - Menaga
    Google+ - Menaga Sathia
    Fb Fan - MenagaSathia

    1. Thanks for the share and follow up menaga.Wish you good luck.

  10. Followed all the steps..
    Twitter : aamritaroy14
    Facebook: Amrita Roy
    Already following in Blogger net connect. Followed in networked blog, Pinterest.


  11. Shared on fb......

    Pinterest - sharanya

    Google Plus - sharanya
    Twitter - saraphysio

    Facebook - sharanya palanisshami
    Networked blog - Sharanya

  12. Hi akka,love to see giveaway here, am following you except networked blogs.
    Pinterest - Lemon kutty
    Facebook - Ramya Venkat
    Google + - Ramya Venkat

  13. Pinterest - Lemon kurry , sorry for misspelling,dictionary on in mobile.sorry aks

  14. Hi Sathya, Lovely give away .. I have joined it..
    Already following you on fb, pinterest and we are friends on g+.

    You can find me at FB:

  15. Hello, ..that's a cool one
    Have followed on Twitter ..@evergreendishes
    Google + ...Jayashree.t.rao
    And joined your network
    Shared on fb

  16. Done all and tweeted about the giveaway as well... I was on all except Pinterest and Twitter, followed u today... :)

  17. lovely giveaway...double thumbs up

  18. Sounds good and all the best for your lovely start up Sathya

    1. thanks shobana.How are you doing? long time da.

  19. Hi, I am already following you everywhere!! Name - Beulah Arun, Beulah - FullScoops.

  20. Hi priya...I followed all the steps and did it but then realised I was late...This is because i'm on travel!!...Never mind..hope you had a great time with this give away!!..All the best sweetie!!

  21. Oops I m too late for this giveaway..I just saw your post now..hope i'll take part in ur next giveaway..but I already following u in Facebook & G+..All the very best's a gr8 startup


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