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Saturday, January 2, 2016

20 Most Favorite Recipes 2015 | Most Viewed Recipes

    I am late in wishing readers a Very Happy New Year 2016.2015 has been a good year for me and also for mykitchenodyssey.I got to be friends with so many bloggers around the world.I too got the courage to try so many new recipes that i haven't tried before.In terms of readers ,blog is getting more than 100 s of followers in social media like twitter,pinterest .
This one is the most important of all ,Got many credits from friends saying that they tried recipe from mykitchenodyssey and they really liked it.Personally, visited places like Disney,Ithaca and learnt driving.
   But what i feel is, the year went  really quick.I even ventured in baking.Baked some breads without fail .Sometimes the baked items went in to dustbin especially the potato bread . Many cakes  came out perfect and we ate them  very happy.One thing what i really wonder about even after trying  is i frosted a cake !!!and did frozen butter cream transfer for my daughters birthday.
        I love mykitchenodyssey. I love readers and friends that i got through my blog. I started the blog just to take a note of the recipe that i  am trying.Later it turned out to be a hobby.After trying recipes if i like it,it made to the blog.
       Among the other recipe,some has got more attention and its been your favorite in the year 2015.So its the best of 2015.If you haven't tried these, i urge you to try it because its been your favorite.
Egg less banana Cake :A moist cake baked in pressure cooker.So you don't need a oven or microwave to bake a cake ..Right ?

curry leaves powder: A super healthy powder that can be prepared and stored.Have it with plain rice along with ghee or gingelly oil ..Really a time saver when you are in no mood to cook.

Rava Dosai:A crisp instant dosa made with sooji/semolina.It take little more time to cook though ,but its all worth it after you eat this hot along with coconut chutney and sambar for your breakfast.

15 Chutney Recipe For idli-Dosa:Collection of 15 delicious chutney made in south India for breakfast items.Try it, you will enjoy each and every chutney.
Tiffin Sambar:Thick and delicious sambar made in south Indian hotels for idli,dosa,pongal.Goes well with upma or any of your breakfast items.

Quinoa Dosa:A super healthy dosa made with quinoa.Its very soft and its fiber rich .

Rose milk:A quick kid friendly milk made instant with commercially available  rose essence.When kids are crazy for color this one saves you.

21 rice recipes: 21 different south Indian rice variety.When you are bored with regular rice sambar,rasam you can try these variety.

Ragi Roti:My favorite roti made with ragi flour.Its really healthy and can be made instant without much preparation when you have ragi flour at hand.

Vendhaya Dosai:Another healthy dosa made with vendhayam/fenugreek seeds.I listed two types of making these one with urad dal and other without urad dal .Pic your choice.

Chole Bhature:This is an instant bhatura made with potato flakes.But its really delicious and very very filling.I prefer eating it for my breakfast along with Channa masala.

Chicken Dum biryani:This is a guest post from rafeeda a blogger friend of mine.She made the biryani from scratch and the masala is made during preparation.

Rava Idli:Instant idli prepared with sooji/semolina and yogurt.This one is for sure very easy and really delicious idli.

cucumber-kidney bean-chickpea salad:Easy and protein rich salad without any fancy ingredients.Colorful ,healthy and filling meal.

Punjabi Chicken Curry:A creamy and very rich chicken curry  made in Punjabi style.Best for chapathi,roti.

Kashmiri Dum aloo:Another creamy curry made with small potatoes.The creaminess is from the yogurt base.Really delicious and different masala.

Paneer tikka:One of my favorite starters and one of very favorite pictures i took.I made the paneer very big and marinated and cooked it on stove top and then on oven.If you are serving for kids then make it small pieces and just cook it on stove top.

Garam Masala powder:Garam masala powder is one among the storage category.Instead of buying from the store,i made my own and using it for all my north Indian curries.

Ragi Murukku:This is a snack made with finger millet aka ragi.It is more crunchy and really delicious.

Parotta Recipe:Kerala paratha/parotta is been favorite for any tamilian or any malayali.Its softness and flakiness makes its stand among other paratha.If you add more oil while kneading and rolling you will get a very flaky parotta.


  1. Here's wishing you a happy, healthy new year! Looking forward to seeing many more recipes in the new year!!

  2. Lovely collection dear... hope to see many more lovely posts in 2016


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