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Monday, February 2, 2015

Parotta Recipe | Kerala Paratha

    Parotta a wonderful food ,every tamilian want to dig in more everyday.When you visit tamilnadu at night you will find at least one parotta shop.Tamilnadu parotta is served with salna where as kerala its served with onion raita.

    Even though we know its un healthy we used to eat every weekend before we came here.Alash !!! here we get only frozen kind.My friends mom is a expert in making parotta  .my friend said " it is with less oil" too.Then the very next day i  tried this with chicken salna ,which i will be sharing in next post.Being a vegetarian i made plain salna for myself.
   To make parotta soft i used a secret ingredient and some techniques,Read the complete recipe to find what are they.If you are not concerned about oil,add more when rolling and frying.These make the paratha flaky.One more thing ,if you get leftovers ,you can make kothu parotta with it.So it never go waste hehe.
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                                       Parotta Recipe | Kerala Paratha

parotta recipe                       How to make parotta -kerala paratha

 Cuisine: Indian Category:Breakfast |dinner Yields:8 medium Prep time:3 hours Cook time:30 minutes Total time:3 hours 30 minutes

  • 3 cups all purpose flour/maida.
  • 1/2 cup warm milk/paal.
  • 1 cup warm water/sudu thanni.
  • 1 tsp salt/uppu
  • 1 tsp sugar/sarkarai.
  • 3 tbsp oil/ennai.
How to make parotta:
  • Add all purpose flour,salt ,sugar,oil .
add ingredients

  • Make a well in the middle ,add warm milk (this make the dough soft).Add warm water little by little and make a soft dough.(the dough should be elastic not too tight).
Knead the dough

  • Start to knead vigorously at least for 10 minutes.This kneading makes gluten,so the dough will be elastic while rolling.
well kneaded dough

  • Apply oil outside and cover it .(The more time dough rest it will be good).
  • After 1 1/2 hours,separate the dough in to equal size balls of 8.Try to stretch the balls little bit and fold the ends inside(like you do for making pav bun),You can also separate the dough like masters do, hold it in between thumb and pointer finger,it will bubble  and come forward.Separate it and apply oil to the sides and cover it.
make balls
  • Rest the balls for 1 hour.
rested balls

  • Take one ball roll it very thin ,make use of rolling pin.You can also swing the dough in air and splash it on the top of the counter like masters do.Even pizza masters do a similar technique in air not splashing in counter top.With less oil ,swinging in air is difficult to do.You can give it a try.
thinly rolled dough

  • Hold one end,folds will form automatically.You can try to make a Saree pleat otherwise .Easy technique is,you can cut the thinly rolled dough straight and keep one above the other and then roll.
make folds

  • Roll and keep it covered in oil for 15 minutes.
roll it

  • Roll them thin again the one last time,you can use rolling pin or use your palms and press from the center by pushing it out.
final rolled dough

  • Heat tava and add one parotta.
Frying in tava

  • Apply oil to the bottom.When it bubbles flip it and apply oil to the bottom side.
  • Cook paratha until it crisp and no raw batter left(it will take at least 4 min to cook one).
  • Stack one above the other and crush when its hot.This technique will make the layers separate and flaky.
crushed parottas

layers of parotta

Parotta ready to be served

  • If the flour is old.You may not get the result as you expect.
  • There are different technique,carefully read all of it before starting the process.
  • Use more oil for best result.
  • To make it healthy make it with half wheat flour and half maida.Taste varies for sure.
More to come.
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Sending these beauties to remya event


  1. love it.. Adding of egg will give soft n fluffy parotta
    Please link youer recipes to my event

    1. Yes remya adding eggs will give a soft texture.

  2. Can have this any time of the day ......

    1. Oh wow!! I usually eat it for lunch or dinner.

  3. My Favorite menu for dinner and ot tastes delicious with Chicken salna.

    1. Yes they were enjoying to the core magee.Thanks for your comment

  4. my kids love this , they had it yesterday for school lunch .

  5. Lovely layered Malayali Patota.....of course some time v can U said....simply superrrr

  6. Lovely....I will definitely try it..

    1. Thanks alka.Let me know how u guys liked it

  7. That swinging is the tough part... thanks for sharing dear...

    1. Yes of course.My hands were paining the day after.But its all gone when thinking about the taste.

  8. love it any time.. u have done it so well..

  9. Replies
    1. Most of the tamilians fav food.Mine too.Thanks sundari

  10. Can have parotta any time of the day ! looks yummy...

    1. Thanks vidya.Keep coming for more delicious recipes

  11. delicious!!! i love these parathas

  12. It looks super delicious. Very tempting. :)

    1. Thank ritu.Do try once ,u will be get more attched to it.

  13. Ur hardwork showing d taste n great look...I love to have warm always

  14. Beautiful parotta..I'll definitely try :)


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