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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Pomegranate Juice Recipe | Christmas Recipes | Healthy Juice

       Pomegranate juice is a healthy juice made with fresh pomegranate arils.Its a good source of vitamin c,vitamin K,folate and potassium.Arils itself is really sweet containing 24 grams of sugar in one cup.Peel has more antioxidants and help to keep your heart healthy. Heard a lot about its abiity to improve hemoglobin in patience.
pomegranate juice recipe

   Winter is the season for pomegranate.This winter, the first fruit i bought was really sweet . It was in deep red color and the peel was super firm and has a real glow.I was totally happy with that buy.Then few days back when i was shopping in the local farmers market , i got to see these wonderful fruit in bulk for less price.I grabed it immediately without any second thought, after knowing its health benefits.I shared some with friends and kept some for making juice.
pomegranate juice recipe1

   Some story :When we were kids when ever my mom ask us to eat the pomegranate fruit, fruit will remain as is and nobody was bothered to touch ( really lazy to peel).My father will peel it for us and we kids will finish it off with in minutes.After knowing the peeling technique now a days i am eager to buy it.I have shared the easy technique to peel in the notes section.
    POM juice available in the market is really thick and a little bitter (got to know that it is made from peels which has more antioxidants).I know my juice will not be that thick but it will be easy for my kiddo to drink the juice instead of grabbing the fruit  arils by arils. After i prepared the juice, i had a little taste .It was sweet ,so i haven't added any sugar or honey.If your juice is bitter you could add some sweetner.
pomegranate juice recipe2

   This is the best time to share this post with all of you.It suit the Christmas theme and fits perfect for parties, as the color of juice is naturally red.So enjoy making this fresh,pure and heathy  homemade red juice this winter season.Happy holidays and happy Christmas to all of mykitchenodyssey readers..

Just for you to see the picture of making pomegranate juice ..
pomegranate juice recipe4

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                                                         Pomegranate ginger Juice Recipe

pomegranate juice recipe                                   How to make pomegranate juice  

 Cuisine: Indian   Category:Drinks/Juice Prep time:10 minutesCook time:
Total Time: 15 minutes Yields:1 cup juice

  • 1 cup seeds.
  • 1/4 cup water.
  • 1 inch ginger piece.
  • sugar/honey optional
  •  Wash the pomegranate.Separate the arils and keep it.
  •  Add it to mixer along with chopped ginger pieces.
  • Give it a pulse until you get to see the juice.I added 1/4 cup of water to make the extraction easy.
  •  Filter the juice using fine strainer.
  •  We had it just like that.If you prefer sweetner , add sugar or honey and mix well.
  •  Pomegranate juice is ready.If you want a cold drink ,add some ice cubes or store it in refrigerator until cold.

  •   Tip to separate the arils: Just give a cut to the peel at center.Remove both the halves of fruit.Hold it upside down grabbing the fruit part on your palms.Start tapping the peel with a spoon or ladle.Make sure you have a plate or bowl to hold the seeds that are falling down.At last there will be some arils hiding in the peels,separate and keep it .You just peeled your pomegranate in under 5 minutes.
  •   Make sure you chop the ginger piece.Otherwise it won't get crushed while making juice .


  1. one of my most fav juice.. Looks refreshing

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah !! color makes the juice even more attractive ..

  3. Healthy and tasty juice! Looks very inviting!

    1. Yeah !! its crazy healthy beulah ..Thanks for your lovely comment

  4. Such beautiful pictures Sathya... so good! I love a tall glass of pomegranate juice any time!

  5. Thanks for this healthy recipe. This is really beneficial for anyone who is having low hemoglobin. You may have the Noni fruit extract to stay healthy for long.

  6. Thank you so much dear for sharing this Pomegranate juice recipe. This is quite different from the one I make at home. I will try this recipe too! Currently I was looking for some easy recipes for healthy Green drink as heard those are quite good.


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