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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Paal kozhukattai/Rice dumplings in Jaggery/Guest post

Today I am very very happy because I am doing a guest post in a very popular blog. The blog owner is very  generous and encourages new bloggers by giving them an opportunity. She is none other than priya of Priyasversatile recipes.I love Priya's recipes .she is very innovative and she is an expert in baking cakes.I like her rajma murukku recipe and eggless carrotcake  very much . Do visit her space and enjoy her recipes ..
 Couple of months ago i was going through her blog and I saw that she had a co-blogger do a guest post. She did it to encourage and offer support new bloggers. I requested her about doing a guest post and she said OK, no questions asked. I told her that i will give my very best ..I guess she liked my post . The recipe that I chose is a chettinad speciality pal kozhukattai done the easy way. Pal kozhukattai is rice dumpling in jaggery syrup and coconut .This is the easy method because traditional method takes time .

A brief introduction  about this recipe.

I grew up in Karaikudi a relatively well known town in the chettinad region of Tamilnadu. Chettinad region boasts of palatial houses and chettinad food is famous world over renowned for the uses of aromatic spices.There are a few dessert dishes unique to chettinad and paal kozhukattai is one among them.

This is my mom's recipe.She used to grind the rice dough by soaking the rice and grinding it in wet grinder. When we were kids during holidays my mom used engage us a little by asking us to shape the kozhukattai. We used to have lots of fun with the dough.

I thought of making this the traditional way but was a little skeptical because of the complexity. Also I was a little worried that my daughter would use this as substitute for her play-doh.
So I did it the easy way and got it done in no time.

Don't forget to check paal kozhukattai recipe here .

pal kolukattai

closer look of pal kolukattai

Preparation of dough

prepation of dough for pal kolukattai

preparation of kolukattai

steps for making pal kolkukattai


  1. very authentic dish Satya..Looks yum.. Here i go to chk the recipe...

  2. Brings back memories of my childhood days. Mum used to make it and we eat as much as we wanted. Its a classic and delicious sweet.

  3. Sathya,coming from Priya's space..loved reading more about you..Yummy paal kozhukattai.

  4. Lovely post Sathya!! So happy for your guest post :)

  5. nice guest post and thanks for mentioning me. its nothing love helping everyone.


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