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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sweet Lassi Recipe/Peach Lassi

      Sweet Lassi is a flavored yogurt kind Indian drink ,which would be served along with a meal  in northern  parts of India.People are fond of  making lassi with mango, which is very popular and will be available in most Indian restaurants .
          We love to eat fruits as is .I don't do cakes ,slushes,milkshakes,lassi very often with fruits.But once in a while i do some of these to my daughter(she loves fruits in any form) .This peach lassi i did for one of our road trips ,because  i am not sure how to consume peaches.Peaches are very good fruit which gives lot of fiber, resembles apple.
        I used home made yogurt (with 2 percent milk)for making this sweet lassi .Do you see , it is little watery ?.If you use store bought yogurt ,lassi will be thick and creamy .If your kids love yogurt this is the best way to add some fruits to their diet .This lassi is sweet and tangy with tutti fruity its just good .
      You can do lassi with fruit like mango,blueberry.This will be a good quick snack or breakfast for kids that will be made in no time .You can  involve kids while you make them.


Preparation time:5 min

peach lassi

  • 1 cup yogurt
  • 2 tbsp honey
  • 1 peach .
  • 1 tsp  vanilla essence(optional)
  • few tutti fruity(optional)
  • chop peaches fine .Add it to blender .

  • Add a cup of yogurt to blender.
Peaches added to blender

  •     Add honey , vanilla essence( if you are adding some) 
Yogurt and honey added to blender
  • Blend it to smooth paste .
  • Add tutti fruity to it and serve chilled .
Pulse and your lassi ready

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  1. lassi with peaches sounds awesome! I don't know, but just my little idea - I guess it's always nice to portray drinks in glasses, isn't it? :)

    1. I should have presented by glass .We had it with spoon ,that's why thought of presenting this way .

  2. Peach Lassi sounds interesting... Will love to try this yummy Lassi.

  3. Hi sathya,lassi looks awesome ,nice idea

  4. wow! lassi with peaches very interesting..

  5. Wow that sounds quite refreshing to me dear

  6. Just drooling here, very delightful lassi.

  7. Wow! i love Lassi, and it sounds interesting!

  8. Thank you Sathya... I Have been to your blog. Appreciate the effort you take to capture each step when you cook.

  9. Very innovative and yum!!! Gonna try soon!!

  10. New flavoured lassi! Very interesting!

  11. This is indeed an innovative idea...lovely lassi

  12. Yummy lassi... nice and refreshing


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