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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Navarathri recipes/Neivedhyam Recipes

Navarathri Festival starts from today and will end on 3 rd October which is vijayadashami .
Navarathri is celebrated different in different regions .
First lets see how its celebrated in Tamilnadu:
        Navarathri means nine nights of celebration/pooja for goddess Durga ,Lakshmi , Saraswathi in manner of 3 days each .In Tamilnadu navarathri means "golu " ,"golu" means dolls .People arrange 9 steps for 9 days of pooja and the steps should decrease in length considering the dolls placed in each step .People place kalasham and worship it as durga .First step which is the bottom step up to 3 steps gods idols are placed.On 4 the step enlightened persons like saints idols have to be placed .on 5 the step philanthropist ,freedom fighters dolls should be placed.On  6 th step human beings dolls can be placed.On  the 7th step animal dolls,on 8th step birds dolls ,on 9th step insects dolls has to be placed considering from the base to lowest .Each day people come visit golu .If we keep golu prasad as to be made and distributed to the people who visit golu .
How Gujarati people celebrate.
       Garba and dhandiya are the main things happening on navarathri at Gujarati place.They start the festival by placing "Garbo"  which is a small coloured pot with holes .In the pot they light candles and worship it for 9 days .Most the people do fasting on first day which they place Garbo at house .9 days they do dhandiya which is a special dance with festive clothes like gaghra choli .

MasalaChickpeas Sundal Greengram Sundal Gothumai Halwa
Pasiparuppu payasam Paal kolukattai Lime rice
Javarisi Payasam Coconut rice Moongdal Ladoo
Carrot-apple Halwa RockCandy Rice Pattani sundal
Medu vadai Tomato rice oats payasam
rava kesari BlackRice Kheer Kadala paruppu sundal


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