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Monday, September 14, 2015

Places To Visit In NY | Ithaca | Waterfalls Near NJ

     Visiting nature is an adventure by itself .we are visiting a lot of parks recently.We love to do hiking,biking,swimming .Visiting nature itself is very peaceful and relaxing for many of us,isn't it ?

      Preserving the nature is one big thing i admire about America,which is not happening in India.Now a days lot of people in India are trying their best to preserve nature by planting trees ,grow their own food without the need of buying fertilized ,sprayed vegetables and fruits.That's a good sign,but it has to be done more to prevent India from being waterless ,in the future.With that simple note i want to start this post.
First day:
Place to Stay:
     Plan ahead where you are going to stay.We got a cheap deal for hotel stay (days Inn) just before the main exit of hotels in Cortland ,NY.Its a decent place for a day or two ,they provide a decent breakfast with processed cheese omelet,bread,waffle,cold serial,oatmeal,yogurt,juice,coffee.This hotel is just 3 miles away from SUNY Cortland and around 12 miles from the famous Cornell university.
    We love to drive if its a near by place.We Started from jersey city around late morning .Driving is around 200 miles.With 2 stop we reached Cortland around early evening. It was the right time to check in,we checked in the hotel and got off our Luggage's.
Waterfall :
     We started from the hotel towards Ithaca falls natural area.There is a fantastic waterfall with an area for swimming at the collected waters.There is no lifeguards there so better be safe if you are going with kids.It was a nice evening we spent out there.
the very beautiful ithaca waterfall

crossing the stream at ithace waterfall

Beautiful stream the falls make

Then we headed to the lake in Stewart park.This is a nice park with moving dock,swing,lake and places for barbecuing etc.I also saw carousel ,this must be working only in summers i suppose.There are water fountains and other games as well in the park.Over all a fantastic evening well spent.
                                                         houses on the lake front at stewart park

                                                        the very tremendous lake at stewart park

      Next day we started to Robert H treaman state park.
                                                        this board was near the swimming area

There are two entrances to this park, one is in the upper end where the waterfall starts ,other is in the lower end where the waterfall makes a swimming area.We went on a hiking in the park by frequent stopping in between.
Trail map of robert treman park

On the way we saw many falls,snake,small insects,bugs  while we were hiking.

a snake having its lunch peacefully 

One of the small water fall on the way .
                                                                         Waterfall 1
                                                                        waterfall 2
By the time we finish,its almost afternoon and we are really sweaty and tired.We gone to the swimming area to relax in the water.
                                             way to swimming area( i didnt take my camera to swimming pool)

This swimming area has lifeguards and jump board. There are safer zones for kids and so many interesting things.Water was super cold at 70 degrees Fahrenheit,eventhough the  day was very hot .We had couple of dips in there and had lunch at the picnic tables near the swimming area.Tiredness overpowered us so we headed back to our hotel and had complete rest for the rest of the day.

     While coming back on the third day,we visited Raymond Skill waterfalls.
                                                                raymondskill falls welcoming us

                                                                 the peaceful raymonskill falls

Its a nice waterfall with no much people around.You have to park your cars near the restroom area which comes in upper left.You can't see the falls very closer, but it was nice and relaxing .There are 5-6 trails in there ,from very short route to 2.5 miles hike.
just got a picture helpful for hikers

busy getting to the falls

We didn't do much hiking there as we have to return home.There are lots and lots of farmers market while coming back home(near newjersey border).You can consider buying the local produce and support farmers.Vegetables and fruits are very fresh without any spray.Finally we came home on third day evening. It was a wonderful trip with lots of memories.

If you want to know more waterfalls in that area you can visit


  1. Lovely pictures! Looks like an awesome place... good to know u enjoyed the trip...

  2. Beautiful pictures and lovely write up. We had been to Ithaca almost couple of years back when we were in Boston. It was an amazing place. Reading this just brought back those memories.


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