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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Carrot Rice|Guest Post

      This is a guest post for my sweet friend Rafee who blogs at Sweettoothraf ,the name itself could tell you what she blogs about?Well if not she has a sweet tooth and she has many wonderful cakes and sweets which I like most. She also has many kerela meat recipes and simple snack recipes as well.I am looking forward trying her rose cake very soon.Recently she moved her blog to her own domain. Visit her site to find more about rafee the wonderful mom,cook and blogger.
    For a busy person like her I made a simple lunchbox recipe.This carrot rice may help her in busy schedule. Hope she liked this recipe as much you all do.

Carrot rice

Few words about the rice:    
          I usually get something for Thursday temple gatherings.One fine day i did not want to do regular curd rice,puliyotharai,lime rice.
       Usually for prasad/neivedhyam the food should not have garlic and onion. So I tried this carrot rice without ginger garlic paste and onions , only with fennel and bay leaf. I hardly saw any difference in taste  without ginger garlic and onions.You can substitute masala powder with chili,coriander and garam masala powders.
      If you are planning this for kids lunch box reduce the spice level and make it with 2 green chilies . Use of green peas is optional but it gives a nice appealing colour to the rice.

Carrot rice

To know how to cook a quick, nutritious and colourful rice suited for you lunch box visit sweettoothraf carrotrice recipe.

You can find more of guest post in my blog too.
Looking forward for your support now and always..

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  1. Love carrot rice:-)grt guest post

  2. It was a pleasure having U at my space dear... Thank u for this wonderful recipe... 😊

  3. Love rice and love this version with carrot.


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