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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Biryanis – The Best Food to Just Eat

“What does the word ‘biryani’ conjure up in your mind?” I asked my group of friends one fine day. And here are the responses I got, in their own words.
“Chicken biryani!”
“Nah, mutton… Biryani is more synonymous with mutton, that’s how you get the actual flavours…”
“Eid at Fatima’s place every year.”
“Spicy Hyderabadi dum biryani… Mmmmm, can’t have enough of it! Can we go have it someplace now?”
“The latest I heard is they’re making prawns biryani… I mean, just imagine, prawns... Seafood biryani in the offing, eh??”
“Wish my mum knew how to make it. She’s tried umpteen times and all it turns out to be is simple chicken rice, sans any biryani taste!”

Just one person in our circle had remained silent till now. Upon prodding, she meekly replied: “I know it’s a delicacy made of rice and all. But I’m a vegetarian so don’t know much.”
Overall, I concluded, a large majority of the people loved the dish. As for myself, I simply adore it and grab any and every chance I can get to sample lip-smacking biryanis!
They say the recipe has come down from the erstwhile kings in India who popularized the dish in their own times, especially the Mughal rulers. Though we can only conjecture how the earliest biryanis might have been (probably like some bland rice one of my friends talked about earlier!), the biryanis of today surely cater to a wide variety of tastes. What’s more, on some restaurant menus, you can even find what is known as a ‘vegetable biryani’ – a probable substitute for the extremely popular non-vegetarian delicacy!

Not everyone is endowed with the gift of knowing how to prepare an authentic biryani at home, so therein the question arises: Which city serves the best biryanis? Here let me tell you a fact: There is no particular city which serves the best biryanis – every city has a biryani speciality exclusively for itself, be it the Hyderabadi mutton biryani served with raita and brinjal curry or the yellow-grained Lucknowi biryani with its generously spiced mutton pieces. Hence, to help you take your pick from all the popular biryani restaurants in your area, be it Bangalore, Delhi or Mumbai, we have nearly all of them listed here in one place, from where you can OrderBiryani Online. However, let me warn you that it can get a bit unsettling at times, what with such a great number of biryani outlets listed together but then each is special in its own way, so order away and find out which suits your taste buds the best. For instance, Biriyani Zone in Bangalore is well-known for the most flavourful Hyderabadi chicken biryani, which is a speciality of the place.
The chefs claim that preparing a biryani is no child’s play. To get that authentic biryani complete with the aromas wafting from it can take anything from two to four hours or more, with the lid of the biryani ‘handi’ as it is called, sealed with dough. But it is well worth the wait.

Contrary to popular belief, biryanis are not entirely non-vegetarian; a hint of potatoes or even a boiled egg lends a very special taste to it. And if you have those simple onion slivers dipped in vinegar plus a refreshing raita to go with it, nothing can be better than a wholesome biryani meal. However, if you’re somehow not one of those die-hard biryani fans (like me), no issues – simply log on to and choose whatever would best satisfy your palate!


  1. Biriyani love them any time.Waiting to order some online.

  2. Biryani looks awesome yaar, would love to have them :)

  3. I am among those who can't resist beriyani, any type, any variety and any style too. Great that its available via online purchase. Not sure if this concept is being practice in my place but it will be good too.

  4. me too a die hard fan of chicken biriyani!I


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