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Friday, December 13, 2013

Home made rice noodles(இடியாப்பம்) Guest post

         I want to start my post with a few words about Shruti .She is a bubbly and a lovely lady with lots of energy and enthusiasm for cooking and blogging. She has a wonderful blog and her clicks are wonderful too. I first met her through blogging world when I was taking baby steps in blogging. I am amazed by her blogging abilities, she is very quick in posting recipes and I wonder how she is able do it. 
I had requested her about a guest post and she was gracious enough to say yes and also gave me ample time to get a good post. I enjoy her chatting in post and sharing virtual treat for her friends n family birthdays and special occasions.Check her website here and enjoy her recipes like me .
Today I am goign to share with you a unique Idiyappam recipe from Chettinad. Idiyappam is famous in Tamilnadu and Kerala and usually gets served with Kuruma, Stew and some times with Milk. The Chettinad version is tempered and its served with kosumalli.


preparation of idiyappam
Seive the flour for idiyappam

Mix the flour fr idiyappam

Seperate the dough and keep the idli plate ready

Prepare the hoppers and steam it
Idiyappam is ready 

Serve it with warm milk sugar or Kosumalli/Sambhar/Kuruma.


  1. Home made is definitely up there in terms of taste. I am loving the beautiful steamed idiyappam, simply fabulous sodhi and also sambar.

    1. Yes nava .Perfectly home made is best ...That too when my mom makes its absolute divine.Waiting for that day

  2. soft and perfectly made idiyappam..looks really tempting, well done :)

  3. idiyappam looks very soft and perfectly made dear.

  4. looks so soft priya...well made...

  5. Looks awesome.. first time here.. happy to follow your blog :)

  6. Delicious rice noodles thanks for sharing with favorite recipes: christmas recipes.


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