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Monday, December 23, 2013

Sabudana kheer/Javarisi payasam(ஜவ்வரிசி பாயாசம் )

For a festival or a celebration commonly we make sweets to express our happiness and share our joy.In south india only during diwali time people used to make sweets (these days we do it whenever , I am talking about may be the last generation). For smaller festive occasions like full moon day or navarathri people make kheer because it is very easy to make and its loved by everyone in the family. I made this kheer for a small family occasion.
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Preparation time:5 min
Cooking time:45-50 min

  • 1/4 cup Javarisi/Sabudana
  • 3 cup milk(I used 2 % milk)
  • 1 tsp ghee.
  • few cashews.
  • few dry grapes.
  • 2 tbsp vermicilli/Semiya
  • 1/4 cup sugar.
  • Roast the vermicilli until brown(if its not roasted)
  • Wash and soak the javarisi/sabudana for 1 hour.
  • Boil the milk in a large sauce pan.
  • When its boils add vermicilli and javarisi to it.
  • Lower the flame and cover it and cook them for half an hour.
  • When javarisi is clear/tranparent you can switch off the flame.
  • Add the ghee to another saute pan.
  • Fry cashews and dry grapes until the cashews turn golden brown.
  • Add cashew mixture to payasam/kheer.
  • Serve it chilled or hot.

  • Javarisi gives a little bite and you also get a little the tapioca smell .
  • You can boil and add the sabudana separately if you want .
  • Switch off the flame when the kheer is little watery it will thicken as it sits.

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  1. you r right Sathya..Now days u don't need any occasion for sweet...kheer looks just perfect...

    1. Thnks bhawna ...Whenever i wish i just liek that will do it.

  2. I like it and the grapes inside is another temptation. Haven't tried this version but sure on my over flowing list now. Sweets are to make occasions sweeter and definitely without them, its gonna be dull.

    1. Exactly Nava cant imagine a festive without sweets .

  3. Perfectly cooked sago.Looks yum Sathya

  4. so creamy and delicious.Thanks for sending it to Lets cook party food for christmas.


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