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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Peanuts Masala | Masala Kadalai In Microwave

    Peanuts Masala -a tasty ,healthy,easy South Indian snack.Masala kadalai is nothing but peanuts coated in besan/chickpea flour with some Indian spices then deep fried. High cholesterol peanuts don't need to be fried again(for me ) ? so i microwaved the peanuts until they are done.That's a perfect evening snack, ready in minutes.
masala peanuts1

    In south India,roadside shops to bakery sell these masala peanuts.Dad used to buy these,when we were kids.We loved it a lot.Lots of memories associated with these masala peanuts.Here in US ,i don't find these kind of masala peanuts.Even if i find ,that's not going to be microwaved?More over making anything at home gives me lot of pleasure and satisfaction.So i made it and  i am sharing with all of you.

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masala peanuts2

Recipe source :bhawnas

                                     Masala Peanuts | Masala kadalai in microwave

masala peanuts                                How to make masala peanuts in microwave

 Cuisine: Indian  Category:Snack  Serves:2   Prep time:5 minutes Cook time:6 minutes Total Time:11 minutes

  • 1 cup raw peanuts/kadalai.
  • 1/2 cup besan flour/chickpea flour
  • 2 tbsp rice flour.
  • Little fennel powder/sombu powder.
  • 1/2 tsp chili powder
  • Little coriander powder.
  • A pinch of hing
  • A pinch of turmeric.
  • A pinch of curry leaves powder/ few fresh curry leaves.
  • Salt as required .
  • water for kneading.
  • 1 tsp oil+more for greasing.
  • Mix besan and rice flour together.
  • Add spices- chili powder,coriander powder,turmeric,curry leaves powder/fresh curry leaves.
  • Add hing and required salt as well.
  • Mix all of them together.
masala peanuts5
  • Slightly wash the peanuts and drain the water.
  • Now add the washed peanuts to besan mix.
  • Add water little by little and try to coat the peanuts.
  • Finally add oil so that the peanuts don't stick to your hands.
  • Grease a microwave safe plate with oil.
  • Spread the peanut mix in single layer .
  • Try to break the peanuts if they are sticking.
  • Microwave for 2 min.
  • Take it out give it a stir microwave again for 2 minutes.
  • Masala peanuts is ready to eat.Enjoy with your cup of tea.
masala peanuts4

masala peanuts3

Recipe revisit :pics updated 5/18/2015


  1. My favorite. Now i can try this and have it without guilty. Thanks for sharing.

  2. You have prepared this dish in a healthy way. Good one.

  3. My weakness will always be anything spicy. I've thought about something similar but got lost along the way. Like the beautiful spiced and curry leaves flavors.

  4. i can't stop my self to have this...healthy snack..

  5. Delicious masala peanuts Satya Love it.

  6. Oh I love masala peanuts. You have explained it very well, your peanuts looks delicious. Want to grab that bowl right away :)

  7. Love to munch on this...healthy and tempting snack

  8. Smart idea.never even thought abt it ...must try


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