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Friday, March 7, 2014

Instant oats-ragi dosa/Leftover recipes/Easy breakfast

Whenever you run out of idly or dosa batter this dosa comes in handy with the leftover batter in hand to make a wonderful nutritious breakfast -dinner.
My husband is not very fond of oats, so i add it to dosa and hide the sticky texture of oats .Kids who got bored of regular dosa like it very much and ofcourse my daughter loved it to the core.  To make breakfast-dinner more intresting and very different try this dosa and you would be surprised of this soft ,fluffy dosa.Eat it with your favourite chutney,sambhar .

Cooking time:30-40 min
Yields:10 dosas


  • 1 cup left over dosa/idly batter.
  • 1/2 cup oats.
  • 1/4 cup ragi flour(finger millet flour).
  • Salt as required.
  • oil for dosas.


  • Before you make dosa soak oats and ragi for 10 min with mininum water(you can add water later if its too thick).

  • By soaking like this oats will absorb water and become soft and it will be easy for you to prepare dosa.

  • Add oats ragi mixture to dosa batter with required salt .

  • Heat the dosa tava add little oil to it.
  • Spread the dosa in tava until little thin.

  • Add required oil and cover it with lid.

  • After a minute flip them over and add little more oil (optional).

  • Serve it with chutney of your choice.

  • You can add thinly sliced onions , green chilies,cumin seeds, thinly sliced ginger pieces.
  • If the dosa is too thick either you have not spread it thin or dosa batter is too thick ,for your next dosa spread it thin.
  • You can add rava,bajri,wheat flour instead of raagi(finger millet).
  • If you want a crispy dosa keep it in tava for sometimes after flipping it with little more oil.
  • If you want a soft dosa take it out immediately after you flip it .
  • If you want quick dosa dont flip it at all ,Just take it after you remove the lid.

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  1. I shall make this version of dosa for its a lovely meal for the start up of the day; healthy and inviting.

  2. Healthy dosa prepared instantly. Like it.

  3. Wat a nutritious and fibre rich dosa, prefect for everyday's breakfast.

  4. Healthy way of using left over dear :) nice post !

  5. Dosa looks awesome Sathya I always have the batter not enough for one full breakfast round..
    I should try this.

  6. Instant oats and ragi dosa looks wonderful, must try sometime

  7. Delicious and healthy!! A great way to start the day..

  8. Very healthy dosa, perfect way to start your day ....

    1. Def when you have 4 dosas there will be sufficient energy for the rest of the day .

  9. my husband dot like oats too lol.. i guess i will try this recipe n give him in this way thanks for sharing my dear


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