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Thursday, March 13, 2014

RawBanana fry/Easy sidedish/எண்ணெய் வாழைக்காய்

Banana tree is one useful tree from top to bottom. In India Banana leaf meal is very famous and it has many healthy benefits too. Banana flower is used for making vadas and dry curry which is very nutritious (has iron and helps in getting regular periods ). Banana stem can be served as a dry dish and with dal. Ripe bananas we eat everyday and it has lots of pottasium which is good for high blood pressure .Raw bananas can be fried, or with besan flour it can be made as a yummy evening snack . So when you have a backyard why not grow banana tree .

I usually do variations on banana fry one is directly adding in oil. Other one is this ,Boiling the bananas in water to give a soft texture and later frying (not deep fried) in oil. This method works faster and has less oil compared to the other method.

First time when I ate it in my aunts house I became a fan. From that time I wanted to try and make this dish in my house. When I did this I was excited and was happy with the result.
 This goes very well this sambar and curd rice.

If you want to try the traditional banana fry click here 

Cooking Time:40 min

  • 2 small Raw bananas.
  • 1-2 garlic pods.
  • 1 1/2 tbsp Sambar powder(substitute with chili and cumin powder also)
  •  Pinch of turmeric.
  • 3 tbsp oil .
  • Salt to be added while boiling and frying bananas.
To Temper:
  • 1/2 tbsp Fennel seeds.
  • 1/2 tbsp Urad dal.
  • 1/2 tbsp Mustard seeds.

  • Peel the raw bananas.
  • Cut the bananas in to half lengthwise and divide them in to three parts and cut them in to 2 inch pieces in length.
  • Boil them in water with turmeric and 1/2 tbsp salt ,until they are soft.(not mushy).
  • Drain the water and add sambar powder ,salt and keep it aside for 5 -10 min.
  • Heat the tava and add oil to it.
  • Add Mustard and let them sputter.
  • Add urad dal,Fennel,Garlic pods and saute it for a min or so.

  • Add the marinated bananas ,required salt (don't add too much becasue we already added while boiling)and fry for 5 min.
  • Keep the flame low and let them turn crispy and absorb all the masalas .
  • Yummy banana fries are ready to eat.

  • Serve it with hot rice .
  • Serve it hot otherwise banana's wont be crispy.
  • While boiling be careful not to turn the bananas mushy.


  1. Never tried this way.looks yummy da. Will try sometime m let u know :)

  2. Perfect side dish for rice. Nice one.

  3. looks quite yummy sathiya

  4. Looks real yummy ! nice clicks :)

  5. Another of our fav; awesome with rice and rasam.

  6. Banana fry, in any form is my fav...Thanks for the yummy recipe. I've become ur follower and pls check whether you've become my follower as u said

  7. Raw banana fry looks delicious love it. Sathya

  8. Raw banana fry looks very inviting:)

  9. Sambar powder is like my pixie dust it gives so much flavor to everything .Yummy side dish Sathya.
    Loved the amma and kutty pic in fb.

  10. Perfect with sambhar rice...flavorful varuval..

  11. I can have this fry happily with some rasam rice..


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