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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Healthy child makes a happy home

       "Mommy I don't feel well" No mother wants to hear this from her child. When kids fall sick everyone in the family suffer.

By following these little things you can keep your little ones relatively healthy

  1. Have them drink vitamin c everyday .
  2. Avoid junk and processed foods .Eat fruits and vegetable. At least 5 servings a day
  3. Avoid sugary drinks by replacing it with homemade fresh juice .By doing so you can improve your health and of course save few pennies  .
  4. Avoid sugary foods like cakes,chocolates,cookies. These are the culprits behind obesity and causes major health problems like fatty liver,heart problem ,type 2 diabetes,dental problems etc 
  5. Try to replace eating out at restaurant visits by having a family get to gather .
  6. Give them clean water by boiling or filtering the water.Major health issues are caused by water now a days .
  7. Keep the house clean .
  8. Keep your kids clothes and socks clean as well.

      Now a days there is an increasing use of organic food because of the chemicals in our day today food and artificial hormones in our milk. Try to give kids organic milk .I haven't raised this point in above  because major people can't afford organic .

     Kids are usually unaware of what goes on with processed foods. So us parents have to teach them how to make a healthy meal at home from the scratch . Leading a healthy life is what people want now a days but they are completely ignorant of buying processed food and eating fancy(fatty) meal at restaurants . Earning money is important but do we need  to spend all the money we make on health care? If we don't know , how will we teach our kids? This is a big question and it remains unanswered.
     By following above said simple rules (in points noted)  and eating a good amount of health supplement like dabur chyawanprash makes mom's work easy I assure.Dabur chyawanprash has Ayurvedic herbs that strengthen your body's immunity by stimulating "Natural killer cells".So your body is immune against various infections.Most wonderful part is they have sugar free version and two wonderful flavours mango and mixed fruit for the kids .So lets make our India immune .

Sending this entry to Daburchyawanprash healthy child


  1. i strongly agree dear.. seriously i have seen so many kids.. who have lost their health due to bad habits like eating junk food.. their too much involvement in internet and games .... parents should take care of them strictly..

  2. I totally agree esp on home cooked meals, so much healthier with plenty of nutrients.


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