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Saturday, October 11, 2014

First anniversary event -Roundup and winner announcement

Yeah its a happy day for me .Almost a year passed since i started blogging !!!! To celebrate that i have announced a giveaway previous month .
There are a total of 95 entries,that's huge ...i am really excited about the number of entries .I was little lazy editing those huge number .Since somebody asked about it ,i started editing . Many thanks to all who linked their entries .Special thanks to gloria,shobha ji ,linsy,ree who had sent more than 10 entries .
In future also i would like your support .Please go through these wonderful recipes.

Entries from linsy 
  1. Methi Matar Malai
  2. LeftOver Rotis
  3. Sandwich and Soup
  4. Paneer Gulkhand Kulfi
  5. Baked Ravioli
  6. Instant ChocolatePie
  7. Methi Namakpara
  8. PeanutButter Parfait
  9. WholewheatSpinach Ravioli
  10. Achari bbq paneer
  11. Chocolate sandhesh
  12. Carrot Handvo puda
  13. Sabudana Vada

Entries from Ree
  1. Chocolate millet Ladoo
  2. Chicken Biriyani
  3. Samai Venpongal
  4. Spinach EggCurry
  5. Kara pori
  6. Medhu vada
  7. Muskmelon Milkshake
  8. Masala Dosa
  9. SweetCorn Pulov
  10. Mushroom sukka
  11. CornFlakes Cookies
  12. Tomato Biryani
  13. Scrambled eggs
  14. Cumin cookies

Entries from Rafee 
  1. Atta ka sheera

Entries from Resna
  1. Mathanga erissery

Entries from Vimala lakshmi
  1. Crostini

Entries from Usha srikumar
  1. Tomato Uthappam
  2. Saffron Peas pulov
  3. Bell pepper Bhurji

Entries from suma
  1. Banana Stem

Entries frm gloria

  1. Butter Naan
  2. Coconut SugeeCake
  3. Paneer Bhurji
  4. Sugee Almond Cake
  5. Chole
  6. Roasted Chicken
  7. Paneer Bhurji buns
  8. Chocolate Marble bread
  9. Chicken Kalmiari Kebaba
  10. Mango CheesCake
  11. Chocolate cake
  12. Vienesse Fingers
  13. Veg Biriyani
  14. Paneer Tikka
  15. Malai Mava Cake
  16. Melting Moments

Entries from subha
  1. DairyFree chocolate
  2. Jalapeno savoury buns

Entries from kurunji
  1. SweetCorn Dosa
  2. Quinao cookies
  3. Coriander Chutney
  4. FoxTail Millet Cake
  5. FoxTailMillet Pongal

Entries from Priyasmenu
  1. Vellai Sambhar
  2. Egg FriedRice
  3. Sweetn Sour Chicken
  4. Cashew Tandoori Chicken

Entries from jaleela 
  1. Cabbage Curry
  2. Duplicate BullsEye
  3. BitterGourd Curry

Entries from shobha ji
  1. Zucchini Theplas
  2. Savoury Flower Bread
  3. Hariyali Aloo
  4. Kesar Peda
  5. Ribbon Pakoda
  6. Mango Kheerni
  7. Onion Rasam
  8. Poondu Kulambhu
  9. HomeMade Paneer
  10. Prawn Curry
  11. Dessert Pizza
  12. Pepper Jeera Chicken
  13. Chickpeas Sundal
  14. ButterRoast Chicken
  15. Channa Masala
  16. Garlic Fish Curry
  17. Ghee Rice
  18. Chicken Rezala
  19. Murgh Lazzatdar
  20. Semiya Kesari
  21. Brinjal Raita
  22. Brinjal Potato curry 

And the winning entry is number 14 "Tomato Uthappam" by usha srikumar .
Usha send me your address within 2 days to priyaculinary (at)gmail(dot)com .If she doesn't respond within 2 days another winner will be announced.


  1. Great roundup...congrats to the winner

  2. It was a lovely event dear.. Congrats to the winner..

  3. Wow!
    What a surprise....Thank you so much...You have made my day...

  4. Amazingly so many awesome recipes and congrats to the winner.


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