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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Dosa|Ragi Idiyappam And More[Breakfast Menu]

      Every body is lazy on a weekend.I usually do simple breakfast for our weekend .This week being a long weekend , i wanted to do something special for my dearies .So got a idea of trying this Breakfast Menu.
     I already posted a special lunch before which is a rice combo,This time its a South Indian breakfast.This breakfast menu has Dosa,Kavuni arisi,ragi Idiyappam and chutney .You can include sambhar in this menu which makes the platter more yummier.

Breakfast Menu

Dosa|Ragi Idiyappam And More[Breakfast Menu]

Breakfast Menu       Simple South Indian Breakfast Idea with Dosa,Ragi Idiyappam and more

Cuisine: Indian Category: Breakfast Serves:2 Prep time:15 min(soaking,cutting) Cook time: 40 minutes Total time: 1 hour

  • Dosa batter,oil
  • Black rice,Sugar,grated coconut
  • Coriander leaves,onion,green chili,mint leaves,Tomato
  • Instant ragi idiyappam,Onion,green chili
Black rice Pudding:
Black Rice Pudding

  • Soak Black rice the day before and follow the procedure mentioned in this kavuni arisi post. Pressure cooking takes about 20 min.

  • Prepare dosa at the time of serving.
  • I have added a video for those who don't know how to do dosa.

  • I use the same idli batter for making dosa.
Mint -Coriander Chutney:
Mint coriander chutney

Ragi Idiyappam:
Ragi semiya

  • Soak ragi idiyappam for 5 minutes .Steam it and temper it .Follow the procedure of how to make ragi idiyappam.This will take about 20 minutes.

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  1. This is very nice post with tasty breakfast recipes.

  2. wow what a lovely breakfast :)

  3. Wow! such a variety's & comforting breakfast menu.Well done priya .

  4. The entire platter looks so inviting and delicious!

  5. That's such a tempting and beautiful platter.. Who would not like to have this as breakfast on a lazy Sunday morning?

  6. such a delicious and tempting plate...

  7. Very nice and crisp dosa, so yummy. Visiting first time here, you have nice space.
    Thanks for sharing such a nice recipe.


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