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Saturday, November 8, 2014

How To Make Yogurt

How to make yogurt ?
       Most of you would have thought ,No big deal right? The reality is its not easy to make yogurt  in cold countries or in cold weather naturally.
If you ask me, So you never bought yogurt outside? Sometimes I do, But only when the weather was too cold for fermentation. To me store bought yogurt lacks in freshness and most importantly taste.
   This post will teach you a technique or two and a few tips on how to make yogurt at home even in cold weather and or cold countries.

So what it yogurt ?
    It is a product of bacterial fermentation of milk. Bacteria which makes yogurt is called "yogurt cultures".

So I made yogurt, now what do I do with it ?

Dishes using yogurt
  • Prepare Gravies like yogurt gravy.
  • Use it in chats like dahi vada,dahi poori.
  • Use it in raita.
  • Use it for preparing buttermilk 
  • Prepare  lassi with it .
  • Make Yogurt rice .
  • Mix it with fruits and make Flavored yogurt.

  • 3 cups milk.
  • 1 tbsp yogurt or more .
How to make Yogurt -In cold countries?
  • Boil milk (you can make it very warm in microwave too ).
  • As soon as you get it out of the stove transfer immediately to bowl or vessel where you are going to make yogurt.

  • Add 1 tbsp or more yogurt to the hot milk.

  • Mix it well. Store it in warm place.
  • Morning your yogurt will be ready.
  • In case it did not ferment....
  • Store the yogurt vessel near the cooking stove (Where it gets relatively warm).
  • You will have creamy yogurt my the time you are doing cooking.
How to make yogurt -In warm Countries?
  • The temperature of milk has to be Luke warm.
  • Add a tsp of yogurt and mix well.
  • Yogurt will be ready the next morning.
  • Store in refrigerator for future use.
Some More Tips:
  • Non -sour yogurt can be eaten when you have a cold.
  • Butter milk made from non -sour yogurt will not be good.
  • To make the first batch of yogurt you can use a store brought or may be get some from a friend.

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  1. Great tips Sathya..These will be very helpful to many..

  2. here the yogurt is so good and creamy that there is no need to make at home... I guess at least for knowing the process stake, I must try... thank you for the tips...

    1. Many people feel this way .May be after you make it home ,you don't think the same way i guess

  3. very useful information dear :)

  4. Dear sathya priya, one doubt , store bought curd is not good in my place if I didn't get curd from friends means what I have to do

    1. You try to use store bought yogurt for making yogurt at home ,its not good ?


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