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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Guest Post /Arbi Fry Recipe(Step By Step Pics)

Well Dear Readers .

      This is my 6 th Guest Post(other guest post in order they appear Kosumalli,Vaalaipoo Vada,Paal kolukattai,kandarappam,Vengayam Thakkali Thokkuto my friend and well wisher of photography Shewta of Merry Tummy .She is one of the inspirations for my pictures (guess i am taking good pictures now a days).
Well, some of my post have link to the end,have you noted it ? I felt really proud and happy after i joined Saturday snapshots Event .This event is hosted by shweta and sireesha - Best Picture is the motto of our group ..This is the story how i come to know shweta very well.

A little more about shewta and her blog:

      She is gorgeous looking and bubbly person .She talks her mind . I admire her pictures a lot ,started liking her detailed chats in the recipe, detailed tips she gives on Tuesday's .She has some fantastic marwadi recipes ( I wanted to try all of them ,but still time is there na ,I can try it out ).
        This is my simple guest post South India Style Arbi Fry for her blog.

 Arbi Fry:

    Sepankilangu varuval

Arbi fry recipe -This is a dry curry/fry made by boiling the root of colocasia leaves and roasting it in tava along with some spices.

     Arbi fry can be accompanied along with rasam rice,sambhar rice or any mild rice variety.
You can also deep fry arbi to make it more crunchy .To enjoy the arbi fry eat it hot ,that is the secret to enjoy this root.

     Arbi is referred as sepangkilangu,arvi,taro  etc  in different languages.

Some tips:

        Place arbi in cold water the day before cooking to reduce the toxins which causes kidney stones refer fatfreekitchen to know more about this veggie. I some where read that steaming makes the arbi cook perfect instead of pressure cooking .Make sure its fork tender(the fork has to go inside) while steaming.


pressure cook arbi

Slice them in to 1 inch pieces

Add masalas
Marinated arbi

Tava with oil

Roast them 3 minutes on both sides
Arvi Roast Ready..Click on shewta's blog to know detailed recipe.

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  1. I cant wait to try this soon:)
    Thanks for the kind words and this lovely post. Loved seeing u as my guest:)

  2. wow yummy recipe :) lovely guest post dear

  3. Delicious arbi fry and nice guest post Sathya

  4. Thats a lovely post... Thanks for the details about soaking arbo which I never knew.. I love arbi and gonna chenk out the recipe in shweta blog!!!

  5. Indeed its a nice guest post. Going over to check on how to make.

  6. wow Satya .. This looks so yum....

  7. Wow! This is such a fun recipe. I would love to try it.

  8. This is one of fav Satya. Arbi fry looks delicious.


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