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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Little Millet - Saamai Payasam | Paal Payasam

     Saamai Payasam a tasty,healthy payasam liked and relished by kids and adults.Saamai payasam can be made in no time with the available ingredients.If you want to know the benefits of Millet's refer my millet post.
saamai payasam

     To reduce rice intake we can include Millet's like saamai,ragi regularly in our diet.This little change in diet can give greater benefits i suppose.Saamai also called little millet is readily available in any Indian grocery stores.Its not like only these 2 Millet's are healthy,there are many such Millet's.You can include what ever is available in stores nearer to you.
     I made this delicious payasam after the leftover from saamai dosa.Today being Tamil new year i made this saamai paal payasam.Making of saamai payasam is similar to regular semiya payasam.Instead of saamai you can make with other Millet's too.
saamai payasam1

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                                           Little Millet -Saamai Payasam | Paal Payasam

saamai payasam3                                    How to make saamai payasam

 Cuisine: Indian  Category:Dessert  Serves:3 Cook time:30 minutes

  • 1/4 cup saamai/little millet.
  • 3 cups milk(i used 2 percent milk).
  • 1/2 cup sugar.
  • 1 tsp ghee .
  • 5-6 badam.
  • few dried grapes.
  • Add milk to tava and let it boil(it took me 7-8 minutes for getting the milk boiled)
  • Wash saamai and keep it ready.
saamai payasam4

  • When the milk is boiling add saamai to the milk.
saamai payasam5

  • Saamai will get cooked in 10 minutes by the time milk will get reduced .
  • Now add sugar and stir it.
saamai payasam6

  • After 5 minutes all will come together.Kheer will become thick.
  • Fry badam and dried grapes in tsp of ghee.
saamai payasam7

  • Add it to Millet kheer.
saamai payasam8

  • Saamai payasam is ready to be served.Serve it warm or cold.
saamai payasam2

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  1. Super, lovely payasam :) Happy Tamil New Year!!!

  2. Hi Satya,
    Millet payasam looks delicious. Im yet to try little millet. loved ur millet dosa as well. Have a wonderful day

  3. I am drooling at the payasam... delicious! And healthy too...

  4. payasam looks very delicious ....will try making with little millet


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