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Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Great Confident Booster - Optimism

      Optimism is every where. On a  talk somewhere I heard "When we sleep , how do we know we are going to wake up the next morning" isn't it optimism?. When we see our friends we tell them "see you soon" though we know they are too far from us. Its  another way of feeling optimism.

     I am an optimist, I want to try everything and I tell my heart that everything is going to be OK.When I see little kids in swimming pool, I  feel that the parents are optimistic and started training,isn't it ? So we live every second in optimism without even knowing it. I say even praying to god and asking him for good luck is also an optimistic feeling.


       When my little girl started to learn swimming, I had no idea how she was going to behave in swimming pool. That day...when she started  swimming ,she was fine. One fall made her scared. When it was time for the next class, she started the day the night before, "Mommy, I don't want to go swimming". I can't tell her how I felt. Then I questioned her  about what she was really scared about,"Why are you scared ? She said "There is water everywhere!!! " Am I going to drown?. To motivate her, I told "Its not too much of water,don't you think? you can land yourself comfortable when you go out of noodles".She asked me "Am I going to land on a carpet?".  Even though it was lie, but to boost her confidence and bring optimism in her I told , Yes !!!.

     Also I told her how I felt when i was there in water, "It is so cool and feel so relaxing,isn't it?" with a happy face. Then for the next class she was OK ,the day before.When we were at the swimming pool she started to cry" I don't want to go in " then her instructor offered hand and told her something.But she was holding hands very tight not to loosen up,that class went on well.The very next class ,instructor gave the kids a very good talk and the class lasted only few minutes.In the fifth class she was almost getting over it,just little moody face here and there.I was feeling relaxed and thought its going to be all fine the next class!!!

    Yeah ! I was right, the next class she was all smiles and she went into the pool by herself. Even other parents asked me, "How she got so courageous ?".That push of confidence that I  gave, break her boundaries and built up confidence in herself. Even now she has fear ,but its getting better. Because something is better than nothing ,right?".So soon she will be swimming really good !!
So if  a kid can change,learn new thing in life,why can't we? .So be positive (it is within ourselves) and when you are in the right path never look  back.All the very best.


  1. Yess!! Looking forward to life positively is everything.

  2. Motivational post ,liked it.

  3. very well written and completely agree! :)


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