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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Egg Bonda | Indian Egg Recipes | Guest Post

    Blogging changed my life in positive way. I got lot of friends,got to know different cuisine and spend my time useful and list goes on and on.Everyday, blogger friends chat/meet online.We share recipes,what is best about the recipe,photo tips etc.It really makes me happy at the same time surprising to meet person/person's of same likings.
Egg Bonda

     Like i said..Friend with the same passion, i met online is Vidya.She is very bubbly,smiley and beautiful.She shares and post recipes regular even though she has a little kid.That shows her interest in cooking and blogging.She blog at traditionally modern food.She love baking her snack more than  frying, coz of health reasons.Awww!! i know what you are asking ..same like you ?yeah !! you are right,when i do snack and baking i too avoid more calorie items.Friends/readers check vidya's space for more healthy recipe's ranging from International to Indian.
     When she asked me about doing a guest post i accepted immediately, thinking that i would finish it in few days.The days passed and it has become months.Still.. she didn't say a word.Every time i ask her,she used to say," I know how busy you are".That's really so sweet of her to tell that. And now ,i am here with a guest post.Hope she likes this post.

Egg Bonda1

    Egg bonda- a little story.. how i got to know this guy first.Those days seeing new movies or songs is like festival.It happens very rare.We used to wait for the Friday night to watch new songs in doordarshan.Movies will come only on Sunday's,if its old then long wait of 7 days go waste ,poor kids.But my parents used to take us to movies once in a while.In one such occasion on (pandian) theater, i ate egg bonda and fell in love with it.
    From then on whenever we go to that theater(egg bonda is sold only there) ,i eat egg bonda where my siblings enjoy popcorn and ice cream.After i started cooking i make boiled egg and egg kulambu to get egg nutrition.Did i tell you i am a vegetarian ? ok ,now click the link to get full recipe of egg bonda in vidya's space.

Tips to get perfect egg bonda:
  •  I tried egg bonda and is made without cooking soda.If you want a fluffy egg bonda,add a pinch of baking soda/cooking soda/soda bicarbonate while mixing the egg batter.
  • Also batter has to be thick like idli batter.So the outside is crispy and can hold the inside egg.
  • I made it bite size pieces ,you can cut the egg in half and fry it.
  • You can poke the egg before dipping in batter.This step is to avoid egg splash(tip is from vahchef).
Egg Bonda2


  1. Even we hardly fry stuff at home unless I am in a really good mood! Egg bondas are a favorite...

  2. love it..will read the recipe in vidyas space :)

    1. Guess you had a good time at vidyas place.

  3. Great guest post Sathya I just coming back from vidya's place. yumm

  4. Lovely recipe..I'm trying baked version these days...I love eggs!!

    1. I am looking forward for your baked version dear.

  5. Lovely egg bonda recipe. Looking delicious !!

  6. Nice recipe, my fav too... bondas look delicious!

  7. wow, this recipe sounds and looks tooooooo interesting. Gonna give this a try soon :)

  8. Awesome recipe. It looks yummy. Love it :)

  9. Hi Sathya, I have really enjoyed reading your post. You are right, we make good friends through blogging. I do not eat egg, i will give the recipe to my daughter.


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