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Monday, June 15, 2015

15 Chutney Recipes For Idli-Dosa-Rice

    Chutney is a family of condiments associated with South Asian cuisine made from a highly variable mixture of spices,vegetables and fruits.Word chutney derives from Sanskrit word to mean is 'lick'  says wiki
chutney recipe for idli dosa

   In south India, chutney is a spicy condiment made for breakfast,lunch or dinner.Spices,vegetable combination for a chutney can vary and the final product can range from coarse to fine or thick to thin consistency.There is no breakfast without chutney.Chutney is a great accompaniment for idli,dosa,adai dosa or any breakfast items.Thogayal is a coarse cousin to chutney and is thick compared to chutney.Where as thokku is dry chutney and can be stored for many days.Thokku is little sweet and can be accompanied with plain rice or as a side for rice,idli,dosa.Some people take chutney for lunch /dinner too.

                                    15 Chutney Recipes for Idli,Dosa,Rice

chutney recipe                                    

 Cuisine: Indian  Category:Side Dish  

 Here is the list of chutney/thogayal/thokku recipe.

When it comes to chutney, my first choice would be vara milagai chutney.A very quick chettinad style thogayal made with onion and tomato .
chutney recipe for idli dosa1

Next simplest is coconut chutney a super tasty and super simple chutney with coconut as the main ingredient

chutney recipe for idli dosa2

If you like tangy chutney then pick tomato chutney.This tomato chutney has a light kick of ginger that makes is so special.

chutney recipe for idli dosa3

If you love greens then your pick must be mint-coriander leaves chutney.A healthy and very tasty chutney with coconut

chutney recipe for idli dosa4

Do you like ginger.the collection has ginger chutney as well.This spicy chutney goes well with idli,dosa,adai dosa

chutney recipe for idli dosa5

Red bell peppers are not only for grilling or for noodles make chutney with it.A mildly sweet red bell pepper chutney.

chutney recipe for idli dosa6

Why not we make chutney with radish?yes you can make chutney with radish as well.Radish chutney without onion and radish chutney with onion

chutney recipe for idli dosa7

Even vegetables like carrot can be made to chutney.The simply awesome carrot chutney

chutney recipe for idli dosa8

For fussy kids a healthy colourful chutney with beetroot a sweet and tasty beetroot chutney

chutney recipe for idli dosa9

A little dry and coarse thogayal speciality of tamilnadu/chettinad  with coconut and curry leaves .
chutney recipe for idli dosa10

You can even make chutney with peels ,yes !! you heard it right with ridge gourd peel.Ridge gourd chutney
chutney recipe for idli dosa11

Dal is not meant only for sambar.You can make chutney out of toor dal -Paruppu chutney

chutney recipe for idli dosa12

When you want to store the chutney for long and use it whenever in need you can prepare 

chutney recipe for idli dosa14

If you want a sweet chutney to go a long way then prepare this manga thokku with grated raw mango.

chutney recipe for idli dosa14


  1. Wow that's a treasure trove of chutneys my dear. I am bookmarking this post and would love to come back again and again to it to recreate your mouthwatering chutneys in my kitchen.

    1. Thanks for bookmarking dear Piyali.Hope you enjoy making everyone of them.

  2. Nice collection of chutneys Sathya, my fav is thengai thogayal from your list!

    1. you don't see many thengai thogayal version available .Its unique to south india :)

  3. ohh my ..what a lovely collection of chutney dear...i loved all

  4. Great collection! Would love to taste all the chutneys!

  5. did some one said chutney....lovely collection:) And ur pics have improved soooooooo much...Kudos

  6. Great collection of chutney.. sure to try few from these...

  7. Awesome collection of delicious and intriguing chutneys! Loving them all!


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