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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Corn On The Cob | Indian Style | Kids Snack Idea

     Corn on the Cob- is the corn straight from the cob/ an ear of corn.It is simple to make a snack ,when the corn is attached to its ears.Corn on the cob can be cooked in many ways boiled,baked or grilled.What ever way its cooked, it is going to be really delicious,healthy and quick.
corn on the cob2

   Corn is one of the healthiest grains eaten all over the world.Sweet corn is one of the best eaten corn variety among others and is cultivated at the early stages before maturing ,to keep them sweet.Indian type is fully matured.
     This post is about How to make grilled corn on the stove top, also i am adding some spices over it.Yes !!! exactly it is like street vendors grilled/roasted version.Everybody love to grab one, are you ? Here in US no street vendors shops( i can became one ).So i made these and we all enjoyed this healthy Indian Style Corn -snack on a Sunday evening.
 Are you looking for more corn recipe ? check corn curry a mildly sweet and spicy curry and a quick popcorn on pressure cooker.
corn on the cob1

Few tips:
  • Grab the corn along with husk this way it can stay fresh and little longer than husked corn.
  • Making this same recipe with Indian or  little mature corn makes the snack even more tasty.
  • You can also rub butter and salt instead of chili powder.

                               Corn On the Cob | Indian Style | Kids Snack Idea

corn on the cob                                 How to make corn on stove top

 Cuisine: Indian  Category:Snack  Serve:3  Prep time: Cook time:13-15 min  Total Time:15 min

  • 3 corn with cob
  • 1/4 tsp or less chili powder.
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • half of lemon.
  • Remove the husk and wash the corn in fresh running water.
  • Switch on the stove in high flame.
  • Keep the corn in high flame.
corn on the cob3

  • If you have chapathi grill keep the corn on top and turn.
  • Wait until you hear the bursting sound then turn the is better to keep the stem part .You can hold on to it while turning.
corn on the cob4

  • Keep turning the corn until the entire corn is done.
  • Mix chili powder with salt.
  • Take  spice mix on lemon wedge ,then start to rub evenly on all sides.
corn on the cob6

  • Spicy corn is ready for a snack.Enjoy ... 
corn on the cob3


  1. I love this anytime.. Rainy evening with this and hot tea! wow!

  2. My little one just loves corn... she sees it anywhere outside and she home we always pressure cook them and then squeeze lemon and salt on it... slurp!

  3. Reminds me of beach side fun times! Good one!

  4. wow, Childhood memories are on the mind..Delicious and a Lovely post.

  5. Thank you for visiting my blog. Love roasted corn very much. Feel like having it now after seeing the picture. Awesome !! BTW I live in South India

  6. I love grilled corn . I recently started making it at have tempted me to make it again!!!

  7. roasted corn and rains.... can't beat the treat.

  8. Love this corn on the cob..delicious!!

  9. You sure can open a corn stall in US, people are going to love this :))

  10. I love this, especially the ones we get in the beach!! Yumm!!

  11. I love having bhutta/corn in monsoons..looks yumm

  12. One of our favourites at to have it on the beach side or on a rainy day!!...Yummy!!

  13. so easy to make and lovely snack dear

  14. Beautifully grilled corn on cob, with little butter on the side, i can finish a couple of them in minutes!


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