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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Day Trip from NewYork - New Jersey | Nyack Beach State Park

      Nyack Beach State Park - One of the best parks for a relaxing day.When we were thinking of a day trip from Jersey city with in few miles for wholesome family fun,we got to know about Nyack state park situated in Upper Nyack NY.
Nyack beach state park
                                     hiking trail in nyack beach state park.

How to get to Nyack park from Jersey city:

     It is almost 40 miles from Jersey city. Driving a car would be ideal. Relying on public transportation will take at least 3 hours to reach and another 3 hours to get back. Also you need to transfer between a number of buses and trains. If you go by car it will take approximately 1 hour to reach the park. This is a wonderful drive there are lots and lots of trees and many wonderful views while passing through.
nyack beach state park1
                               Map from Jersey city to Nyack Beach state park(google maps)

What can to see/do in Nyack Beach State park:
      This park has a wonderful trail.You can cycle or go for a hike. Park is situated in the banks of Hudson river,there is a small beach front so you can enjoy with your family.You are allowed to fish in Hudson river.There is lots of shade to relax along the trail which runs besides the Hudson river.
mountain view from the trail 

Get your canoe or raft  and go for a relaxing ride.There are lots and lots of place to barbecue.Note:There are a few  picnic tables ,so bring your own chair if you are worried about space.
nyack beach state park2
                                          View of Hudson river from the park

nyack beach state park3

                                      Beach front at Nyack beach state park
nyack beach state park4
                                        flower project- foliage collected at the park

What is the entrance fee:
    Park does not have an entrance fee ,but you have to pay  $ 6 to park your cars.Fee is collected while you enter the park.In winters there is no parking fee I suppose.
nyack beach state park5
                                                 picnic area near the river front

Nearby places to visit:
       Ranganatha swamy temple (a south Indian temple) in Pomona township of bear mountain is situated within 15 miles of this park.
nyack beach state park6

All Vishnu avathars are present here.There is plenty of parking space for cars,also they provide prasad for visitors.

  • There is not a lot crowd even in the weekends.
  • Finding parking is not a big problem.
  • There are rest rooms present there , no need to worry if you bring your little ones during a little cold day.Also rest rooms are pretty clean. 
nyack beach state park8

  • You can do hiking,cycling,barbecuing,fishing,sailing or relax at the park
  • Pack a picnic lunch and better relax there , don't roam for food nearby.
  • Have a wonderful trip,Enjoy !!! 


  1. Beautiful place and nice pics

  2. very nicely written and lovely clicks

  3. Looks like a fun place, and the flower project looks interesting :)

  4. Beautiful place, beautiful photos, and most beautifully written article! :)


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