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Monday, April 7, 2014

Kandarapam/Chettinad Specials/Guest Post

Hi all This is my 5 th guest post and its for "Menaga  akka" she  is one of my fellow blogger  and a good friend of mine .She has a tamil blog and its been like 5 years now she started blogging .She usually explains her recipes very easy and to the point .You can see many chettinad recipes as well in her blog like "kavuni arisi payasam","nandu masala".Among them i like her quick "Tirunelveli kothumai halwa" very much and waiting to try it because i don't get Whole wheat here .
One fine day i asked menaga akka "can i do a guest post on your blog ?".Immediately she said yes and she said "anything is fine ,but if you give me kadarappam i will be more than happy ".Then i asked my mom about the recipe and did it immediately .But akka was busy  shifting her house.After a month of wait now its time to enjoy the beauties in her space .I guess menaga akka will like it .Do check her space and enjoy her recipes in tamil .
Coming to the recipe .This is another chettinad delicacy and its loved by all ,especially kids because they are sweet .These cuties you can see in festivals or chettinad marriages .When you go to karaikudi for a marriage next time be sure to ask them kandarappam.
There are many different versions of this and this one is my moms recipe .To get a true taste you have to deep fry it with coconut as well.If you are a diet kindof person then you have to stay away from it .But you can make like sweet appam(dosa) and enjoy this.Guess unniappam will  taste like this .This is the first time i am making it so haven't got a proper shape .Check the kandarappam recipe here


Soaked rice and urad dal

soaked rice and urad dal for kandarappam

After grinding the mixture in wet grinder
grind in wet grinder
 Check whether its in proper texture before adding it to oil
ground mixture for kandarappam

Pour it in oil

kandarappam poured in oil
 Browned kandarappam

browned kandarappam

Your sweet snack is ready .Enjoy with your loved ones .

closer look of kandarappam

linking this to Gayathri's WTML event and prachis 

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