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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Cooking with Seeds-Event Announcement

        I am here with another event hosting .This time its seeds and its nothing but every indians all time favourite


pic 1 

        CWS Event is been running successful for almost four years with many seeds and there are so many wonderful recipe collections linked in this event.
        I am very happy that i am hosting this event and its very special for me because cashews are my favourites and i guess everybodys  favourite too .
        When we have some functions like new year ,diwali,birthday,anniversary everybody do some kind of sweet .Cashew def takes part in the sweet celebration in everybodys house right .Its makes the dish so sweet and wonderful to have .

Some cashew story :

         I know very well how  a cashew grows and how its been deseeded.Don't think that i having cashew farm ,My hometown has many cashew farms ,when we were kids we use to visit the farms and get some fruits with nuts and eat cashew roasted in fire with the dried leaves .When the fruit is green it requires some time to ripe ,when its orange its the perfect fruit to have.Fruits used to be so juicy ,little tangy and sour (may be after eating your tongue and throat will feel like bit dry ).The fruit is picked from the trees using a long curvy iron tool .

Cashew fruit with nut(Pic courtsey

The Cashews and fruits then get seperated from each other mostly manually
Labours seperating the fruits and nuts (Pic

Cashew with shells (pic

The cashew with shells are roasted and broken to get the real cashew nut.

Fresh cashews(pic

 Then the cashews are roasted and salted. Packed perfectly to get to your house .

Thats enough of cashew story coming to the rules of this event .
  • Cook a dish with cashews (sweet ,savoury,veg,non-veg,whole or ground)
  • Multiple entries from single person are accepted .
  • Optionally you can post  your entries with the event logo (Pic 1) 
  • Any number of fresh and old entries are accepted only if its posted with this announcement link and Priya-kas CWS link 
  • Posts without these two announcement links will not be accepted.
  • Event runs from may 1st-31 st

Ok friends and chefs start linking your cashew entries .

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