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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Rose Milk Recipe | Summer Drinks

        Rose milk- the easy and fastest way to refresh yourself on a hot summer day.Drinking lots of water helps/keeps you hydrated.Some people don't like to drink water as such,drinks like rose milk, lemon juice or even butter milk comes as a saviour.If you have some ice cubes ready in freezer then you are all set for these quick drinks.

rose milk recipe

When we were kids, summer is exams,festivals then holidays.We kids obviously love the holidays after exams and love family gatherings happen during festival times.My grand ma used to make rose milk Popsicle and cold cold rose milk on a hot summer day, woof!!!  those are the days that would never come back.
    One thing for sure is rose milk need not be much rich just a refresher/thirst quencher for me.So i made old and authentic style rose milk that my grand ma make(just to keep those memories).I added some badam paste for its health benefits.You can add badam powder too.If you have pasteurised milk  in fridge then you can just mix the essence,sugar and drink immediately.
rose milk recipe1
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                                          Rose Milk Recipe | Summer Drinks

rose milk recipe                                   How to make quick rose milk

 Cuisine: Indian  Category:Breakfast  Yields:2 glass   Prep time: Cook time:5 minutes(to boil milk) Rest time:2 hours 5 minutes

  • 2 cups full fat milk
  • 8 badam (soaked in hot water for half an hour)
  • 2 tbsp sugar
  • 10 drops of rose milk syrup
  • few ice cubes(optional)
How to make Rose Milk:
  • Soak badam in hot water for an hour.
  • Peel the skin and grind it to smooth paste(as smooth as possible.I couldn't do it smooth, because the quantity is too small).
  • Boil the milk and filter the skin that forms on the top( this may spoil the drink)
  • If you have pasteurised milk then no need of boiling(but i do boil it).
  • For additional taste boil the milk along with sugar.
  • Add 4-5 drops of rose essence and prepared badam paste to boiled,cooled milk.
  • Keep it in fridge for 1-2 hours.
  • Add ice cubes when you opt for more chillness.
  • The very tasty and easy rose milk is ready to be served.Enjoy the start of spring and summer 2015 with this wonderful rose milk.
  • Add 1-2 scoops of vanilla ice creams,if you wish the rose milk to be more rich.
  • You can also prepare rose essence by simmering the rose petals in water.
  • If your kids like nuts top it with some chopped nuts while serving.
  • Indian grocery stores in US carry Rose syrup/essence.
  • In India small juice shops have rose essence (or ask for rose milk syrup) in small(5-10 ml) dropper bottles.
More to come...
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  1. Nice - the color and the simply taste.

  2. I get some lovely school days memories, this used to be my favorite :)

  3. Refreshing and Yummy drink mom makes this during summer (Annual leave) feeling nostalgic

  4. yummm.. I always prepare this for my kids...

  5. Lovely. The flavor and taste of rose milk is amazing. A perfect refreshing drink for hot summer days

  6. I love that you added badam for more volume... good one...

  7. Refreshing drink for the summers...

  8. Yummy pinky drink!! Love the addition of badams dear!!!

  9. Love this beautiful and refreshing summer drink......... :)

  10. The snow here has not yet melted and you are already in summer :) Yummy looking rose milk. enjoyyy :)

  11. superb color!! love this drink!

  12. Refreshing drink!! perfect for the season!! lovely color!!


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