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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Chocolate Ice Cream | No Churn Ice Cream

          Ice cream- a frozen treat made with a combination of milk and cream basically .Combined with fruits to give more different flavors.Who doesn't love ice cream? I make ice cream rare so this is my first post on ice cream and its every body's favorite chocolate ice cream.
chocolate ice cream

      Post title says no machine or ice cream maker is needed for making this ice cream.So
What does the machine/ice cream maker do ?
       Preventing ice crystals formation by  stirring/churned the milk,cream mixture later the mixture is freezed in already cold container.
Why we go for no churn/no machine ice creams?
    First of all everybody can't have the machine to make the ice cream (including me).So can't we enjoy homemade ice cream? .Nah ...You can.Follow this recipe to enjoy a delicious chocolate ice cream.
    If you are a chocolate lover then check chocolate pie,making chocolate at home,cocoa fudge
chocolate ice cream1

I used half and half instead of cream.Half and Half is nothing but half cream and half milk.So little  less calories than cream (for the diet watchers).There is no sugar added too,if you want more sweetness you can do so while stirring in the mixture.So this is going to be the easiest and less calorie ice cream with just 3 ingredient.To make the ice cream creamier check the tips at the end of this post.
External links to help you out:
      6 different methods of making ice cream without ice cream maker and this  wiki link is with pictures in one go.ohh i haven't read this links before i try ,but thought of suggesting readers.But this method of making is the easiest according to me.

                                     Chocolate Ice Cream | No Churn Ice cream

Chocolate ice cream                                 How to make Chocolate ice cream

 Cuisine: International  Category:Dessert  Serves:2   Prep time:5 minutes Cook time: Total time:8 hours

  • 1 cup half and half
  • 1/2 cup warm milk(preferably whole milk but i used 2 percent)
  • 1/4 cup cocoa powder(i used hot chocolate).
How to make no churn chocolate ice cream:
  • Mix cocoa powder in warm milk 
chocolate ice cream4

  • Mix half and half to this mixture.If sweetness is not enough then add more sugar and dissolve it.
chocolate ice cream5

  • Keep in freezer.
  • Every hour try to give a stir, to prevent ice formation.
chocolate ice cream6

  • After 6-8 hours, you get a chocolate ice cream.
chocolate ice cream7

  • Scoop in and enjoy this creamy chocolate ice cream in cone or a bowl.
chocolate ice cream2

  • If you are churning it then the base of the churning machine has to be freezed for at least 24 hours.
  • You can use heavy cream instead of half and half (more calories than half and half).In that case ice cream will be more creamy.
  • Try to keep the ice cream in flat base.This makes the ice creams more tasty.
  • Add in chopped nuts of your choice to make it more nutty.
  • Add vanilla essence to make it a vanilla ice cream.
  • Try to make it fresh every time.
Tips for storing:
  • Less the fat ,the ice cream turns very hard.
  • If the ice cream is hard try to keep it out for 10 minutes or keep it in fridge for 30 minutes to make scooping easy.
  • Try to keep a parchment or butter paper covering the layer to prevent ice crystal formation.
  • Smooth the layer after scooping.
  • The fact is when the ice cream sets quickly then it will have less ice crystals and more creamy ,for this you have to freeze the airtight container you are placing the ice cream then pour the ice cream in. Check some tips from here.
More to come...
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  11. SO easy and so good!!! You have made an awesome ice cream!!!


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