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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Raw Banana - Vazhakkai Varuval | Rice Side Dish

      Raw  Banana a much loved vegetable in our house.I do something with this veggie, for rice once in a week ,be it vazhakkai podimas, vazhakkai fry , enna vazhakkai .This type of vazhakkai varuval has become the most favourite after i tried.
vazhakkai varuval1

      With the freshly ground masala this varuval is full of flavours.Which brings the taste ? ,onion ?garlic ?fennel ? other spices ? don't know .but its the best side dish for rice, i can assure you.

How to select raw banana :
      Choose green bananas without any bruises.When pressed the banana should not be soft.If its soft ,it means its already ripen .When you tap the vegetable ,the sound should be similar to a cooked puttu or sandwich bread.This means the raw banana is full mature and is very good.
       Raw banana comes in many length ,if its too small it is very young.Medium to large size vegetable is good for cooking.These have thinner skin and less starchy compared to plantain.But Remember plantain is different from raw banana.Plantains are long and has thicker skin and cannot be eaten raw(without cooking) even though they are ripe.
vazhakkai varuval2

How to store the raw banana:
     Cook immediately after you buy.Fresh is always the best ,right ?Do not store more than 3 days in refrigerator, raw banana's will get black skin.Its not easy to peel the skin too when its black and won't be good when cooked.When you want to store the vegetable outside ,keep it in fresh water.This prevents ripening  up to 2-3 days.

Where to buy Raw banana:
Most Indian grocers carry raw banana.Careful they carry plantains too.Ask for help, if you are getting confused.

                               Raw Banana - Vazhakkai Varuval | Rice Side Dish

Vazhakkai varuval                         How to make vazhakkai varuval for rice

 Cuisine: South Indian Category:Side dish Serves2-3   Prep time:20 minutes(marination time) Cook time:25 minutes Total time:45 minutes


  • 2 small banana
  • salt as required(1/2 tsp)
  • turmeric
  • 1 tbsp oil (shallow frying the bananas)
To grind(raw):
  • 1 small onion
  • 1 garlic
  • 1 tsp cumin seeds.
  • 1 tsp fennel seeds
  • 10 black pepper.
  • 1 tsp chili powder.
  • 1 tsp cumin powder.
  • 2 tsp oil.
  • 1 tbsp water.
  • Peel the skin off and wash them thorough .
  • Cut bananas in to 1/2 inch slices.
Cut raw bananas

  • Grind the ingredients "to grind" to fine paste.
ingredients to grind

  • The fresh spice blend,does it look spicy?
Grind to fine paste

  • Marinate the bananas along with  turmeric,ground masala  and salt.
  • Leave the marination for 15-20 min .
Marinate for 15 minutes

How to cook Vazhakkai varuval :
  • Heat dosa tava /tava, add enough oil and place the bananas as a single layer.
  • Roast  for 4 min on each side or until bananas are crisp and cooked .Add oil whenever required (this needs at least 4-5 tsp of oil).
  • Otherwise add 1 tbsp oil and add marinated bananas.Cook it covered until raw smell goes off(colour changes frm white to brown) then leave it open to get roasted.
Roast,fry until cooked

  • Adjust the heat accordingly (don't burn them).
  • Vazhakkai varuval is ready to be served hot with sambar,rasam.
  • To enjoy the crispy fry eat it hot.
  • Best served with curd rice .
raw banana fry ready

  • The thickness should be consistent ,so every piece roast evenly .
  • If you really like fried/roasted ones add more oil.
  • Adjust the spiciness accordingly.

More to come...
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  1. Lovely, looks crisp and delicious, oh this one of my fav too. I love it with curd rice during a hot summer day....YUM :)

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  6. Oh yum. Indeed we love it with rasam and sambar.

  7. I love vazhakai..and this varuval is salivating me:)I would love to have it with rasam and rice:)

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  11. Perfect side dish. Crispy and yummy :)

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  14. Yummy, perfect side for sambar sadam! I usually steam it along with the masala, this method is new to me, will try it out!

  15. Great masala and done it to perfection.... :)


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