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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Unniyappam Recipe | Onam Sadya Recipes

       Unniyappam plays a major role in onam sadya preparation.Wait ..wait ...are you asking ,what is onam sadya? let me tell you.Its a festival celebrated in Kerala (Southern part of India), in a grand manner.I love all kerala food ,especially this unniappam and plantain chips -a deep fried snack.My dad brings them when he visits ayyappan temple.
unniyappam recipe

    Some Info about kerala cuisine before we move on to the recipe.
Bananas,coconut,plantain,sea foods plays a major role in kerala cuisine.What ever dish ,be it stir fry,variety rice or curry ,everything have plenty of coconut.Malayali's love to deep fry their snacks in coconut oil.
       There is not enough coconut oil ,so i used regular oil instead.For authentic unniyappam add coconut oil while frying.Ghee can also be added that appams are called neyyappam.
   Unniyappam is done in paniyaram pan,it resembles a chettinad sweet paniyaram in shape.But taste a little different because of the addition of bananas and sesame seeds.I missed sesame seeds as i don't have black ones.You can add if you wish to taste the traditional ones.
   Some more kerala food in the blog appam ,coconut milk ,Idiyappam .

unniyappam recipe1

                               Unniyappam Recipe | Onam Sadya Recipe

Unniyappam recipe8                 How to make unniyappam a onam sadya special

 Cuisine: South Indian Category:Dessert | Snack Serves28 mini appam   Prep time:5 hours(ferment time) Cook time:60 minutesTotal time:6 hours

  • 1 cup rice flour.
  • 1 ripe banana(mashed).
  • 1 tsp fried coconut pieces.
  • 1 jaggery (made in to syrup).
  • 1 cardamom powdered.
  • water required.
  • 1 tsp sesame seeds(i missed)
  • oil for frying them in paniyaram pan(authentic taste use coconut oil or ghee).
  • Mash banana very well.
  • Remove the impurities in jaggery by making a syrup.Add enough water to jaggery and heat it.When the jaggery melts in water, filter it using cloth or mesh strainer(i made thick syrup,later it was very difficult to mix .So make a thin syrup and mix to rice flour when its warm).
jaggery syrup

  • Mix cardamom powder,mashed banana,rice flour,sesame seeds(if using),fried coconut pieces to  rice flour by adding enough water.
Mix banana,cardamom to rice flour

  • Keep  this mix to ferment for 5 hours in winters or 1- 2 hours in summer.
Mix everything up

How to make Unniyappam :
  • Mix the batter very well while you start frying .The batter should be like idli batter consistency(not too runny nor too thick,if its too thick then you will end up in hard appam).
batter consistency

  • Fill the paniyaram mould with 1/2 oil and pour the prepared batter carefully.
  • Keep the pan covered .When the edges are brown ,flip and cook till brown and crisp.
unniyappam started to brown the other side

  • If there is excess oil or ghee drain in paper towels.
  • Unniyappam is ready for serving.
  • Enjoy crispy unniappams hot hot.This Stays good for a day or two when kept out.In summer unniappam may go rancid in a day too.So keep in refrigerator .While serving, steam in idli mould.
unniyappam ready

  • Use home made rice flour,batter to make the unniyappams tasty.
  • You can use ghee or coconut oil.I used regular oil and also i don't find any difference between frying in coconut oil and regular(i tried a batch with coconut oil).
  • Use sesame seeds.
  • Some people deep fry appams after shaping in paniyaram mould.For me its a big no no.If you wish you can do so.
  • You can add ground soaked papad while preparing the batter.Fermenting is not needed in this case.

More to come...
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  1. Delicious and Very nicely done Unniappam ...Satya..

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  9. My favourite sweet.. Looks so yumm dear

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