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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Avocado Milkshake Recipe | Milkshake Recipe

       Avocado Milkshake a really quick and very nutritious milkshake made with butter fruit.Yes Butter fruit is the other name for avocado.Its creaminess makes people say it as a butter fruit..While seed and peel is thrown ,creamy yellowish green flesh is eaten or added to any dishes.Flesh has a very bland taste or you can say is really tasteless(so i hate eating it as is).But it really makes any dish tasty and healthy.You can also replace it for butter, in any baking recipe.You get a spongy and moist bake as a result .You can enjoy your bakes without thinking about the calorie in take, if you add this fruit.

    Do you know it takes 74 gallons of water to grow 1 pound of this fruit compared to 7 gallons of water for a pound of tomatoes.So it has high water content ? may be. Health benefits include  high fiber,reduces bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol and a very important point is ,it has high potassium content than bananas.
    I  am not selling "alligator pear" here.I am just trying to teach mykitchenodyssey readers some benefits of the fruit.Even though its a fruit it is consumed along with savory ingredients than sweets.              When you really want to loose weight but without compromising(just little change in food habits) your food, you can consume this milkshake.It makes you really full and avoid food carvings for up to 4 hours.So it is healthy for people who want to loose weight  and helps in reducing the belly fat.Apart from milkshake you can make guacamole,paratha and make creamy dip with avocado. You can use your dip in enchiladas as well.  
   Milkshake :One important point to note while making this milkshake is your milk has to be cold.If you are using pasteurized milk directly, its fine.If you are boiling then cool it.You can freeze the milk for 1 hour after boiling and cooling.This help you eat/drink milkshake without thinking its made out of alligator pear.You can add some ice cubes and nuts like pistachios,walnuts .It makes the pudding ( it was really thick so its better to call it pudding) extra delicious and really appetizing..
Some similar milk based recipes Strawberry milkshake,Peach Lassi,Rose milk ,Badam Milk ,Dates Milkshake.

                                                         How to Make Avocado Milkshake

avocado milkshake recipe                                   Nutritious Milkshake for Kids  

 Cuisine: Indian   Category:Drink Prep time:
Cook time: Total Time: 5 min Yields:2 1/2 cups

  • 1 Haas avocado
  • 2 cups milk
  • 2 tbsp sugar
  •      Scoop out the flesh.Cut the avocado in half .Remove the seed and scoop the flesh.
  •     Add it to blender along with cold milk.If adding sugar /honey add it to blender.
  •     Run the mixer/blender until everything comes together.
  •    Add more ice cubes and serve chilled.
  •   Use a spoon if the shake is too thick.


  1. This is my favorite anytime... love it...

  2. I'm loving it! easy to make and delicious!

  3. Healthy and delicious milkshake..neatly presented, Happy New Year Wishes to you & your family Sathya :)

  4. Healthy and yummy milkshake. looks really inviting


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